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Overhead Squat


For those of you who overhead squat:

How much can you overhead squat?

How would you rate the effectivity of this on your quadricep hypertrohpy plus other muscle groups hypertrophy?


I don't overhead squat for strength numbers, I never have gone over 135 lbs. I use them to enhance the rest of my squatting. It enhances core stability and, more importantly, hip flexibility. So overhead squats even with lighter weights allows me the ability to squat more weight deeper, thus enhancing strength and stability.

I start every lifting session with at least some empty bar overhead squatting.


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I don't do overhead squats for quadriceps hypertrophy but for whole body strength,power, flexibility and mobility. Olympic style back squats and front squats are way better if your goal is to get your quads bigger.


I've squatted 500, DL 600, but benched a measly 300. I've recently started adding OH squats to my workouts & I can't believe how hard they are. So far my best is a wobbly 165 for 3. I'm hoping OH squats will fix the imbalance in my shoulder that I think is holding my bench back.


Overhead squating is new to me, I have been at it for a little over a month, but I have been doing well...I think.

At first I had trouble with the bar. I couldn't balance myself well with it but because of my flexibility I could easily sit back and down, ass to grass(but sometimes I would have to ditch the weight while in the bottom position). By my 3rd OH squat work out I was working with 95lbs for 5 sets of 5, which followed many sets of power snatches. Every week I add some weight. Currently my last set is at 5 reps, at 145.

I think by the summer I could get 185 for a power snatch and oh squat it...maybe.


I do them once per week to help my snatch numbers. I have noticed that from doing them weekly and adding weight every time I do them that I have got stronger in my abs and lower back. my pressing numbers have gone up and my ROM in my hips are better.

I would do them for a an 8 week period and see what you can work up to. you will notice strength increases. I squatted 205 this morning. It is not a top priority of mine like front squatting is. I basically do it as a assistance lift to help my O-lifts


180x3 @180.

It doesn't affect my lower body at all, even though my back squat is very weak. Shoulder strength is the limiting factor.


185 5x5 with 60 seconds between sets.


I using 60kg total (132lbs) for about 3 sets of 8. This movement is more difficult if I go heavier the form goes, I only do it about every three weeks. Sometimes I do sets of 5 with about 145 lbs or 155lb.

One of the most demanding exercises for sure, get stupid looks of people in the gym, who a. think what the fuck is he doing, and b. thats not very much weight. Of course they have never tried OH squats.

I was doing them every 8 days for starters and noticed a good increase in strengh rapidly, I started with just the bar and they were rock hard for me....and I was squatting over 500lb for reps at the time.

I had to start with the heals on 10lb plates till my flexibility improved. Used to wake the next morning with appauling calf soreness too. Cramps too, even though taken taurine,potassium and magnesium to try and avoid them.


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I think overhead squat is awesome. Great for flexibilty, + core strength, as well as way to improve your squat and athleticism.




I've only been doing sets of 10 at maybe 65 or 70 pounds, normally at the end of my workout.

I really love them, but I don't know how heavy I'd be able to go, being as I have an old rotator cuff problem (I can feel that the weight is just unstable on my left side) that I am trying to correct.

I don't think it will go up until I strengthen my rotator, which I'm trying to do now.


I absolutely hate OHS because of the havoc it causes my shoulders. Last Friday, I had my best OHS day:
175x3 (PR)

I never liked doing these but I have incorporated them in my workouts over the past three weeks and have seen a huge improvement in my flexibility and have noticed that I know catch my snatches in a lower postion. They suck, but if you are into Oly. lifting then they are worth doing.


I just started doing this about 3 months ago and I can only do 95#. I have not maxed yet becasue I want to make sure my form is good. I can do 5 - 8 reps with this weight. My regular squat is a 300# 1RM and I can overhead press 185# 1RM. Since I don't train for hypertrophy I only notice my back and sholders are more stressed than anything.

I can really feel my lats and sholders when done with this workout. I really don't feel this in my legs yet as I am not lifting anywhere near heavy enough. I mainly have trouble with balance and flexablitiy so in the coming weeks hope to start increasing the load a little.


they are my favprite lift... just plain fun.

I do 80 kg (176) for 4 reps for sets - my squat is only about 300 for comparison.


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Me too.


pushharder wrote:
For some reason I find the Bulgarian O/H squat easier to do than the standard O/H squat. Why?

I love overhead squats, but would some kind gentleman plase explain to me what Bulgarian style overhead squats are?

Thank You


Well if I have to snatch it first, the snatch being the limiting factor, I can only get 190 x 4 but if I'm able to take it out of a rack over head then I've done 225 x 1. I MAYBE could have gone a little heavier but with that kind of weight over head I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to try some more.