overhead squat

what a great exercise, I just tried them for the first time today and learned of stabilizer muscles I didn’t know about. My form was horrid so I didn’t load it up at all. Anyone have any pointers on how to dial this exercise’s form in?

Adam Marshall

I tried this one in conjunction with a snatch lift (snatch lift followed by overhead squat). I could only do a quarter squat with extremely light weight (10 lbs. on each side). It is definitely working some new muscles for me.

If you’re having trouble using a regular bar you might want to try using a broomstick or something lighter then the standard 45 lb bar. As for form the best advice i can give is try to stay on your heels…you will likely feel a good stretch in your hips, upper back, shoulders, and traps. I have used this exercise quite a bit as an upper back trap exercise for those unaccustomed to it. Once you get the flexibility it becomes more of a core/leg exercise.