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Overhead Squat

Anyone out there has any idea how to improve the flexibility of the shoulder joints. Mine hurt alot when I do overhead squats.

then don’t do overhead squats. for most people, there is no need to squat with your hands strecthed over your head.

Shoulder dislocates with a towel or broom stick. Some PNF stretching may help as well.

I’ve heard that dislocates are good for shoulders. Get a broomstick or something & hold it with a really wide grip, like snatch grip or wider & hold it in front of you. Now, keeping your arms straight, rotate them over you head & behind you. Then do it again & again. As you get more flexible, you bring your hands a bit closer together.

First you need to ask yourself if your (possible) lack of flexibility is the reason for your hurting shoulders. Second, how is your form when you do overhead squat, are your arms moving around like a tornado up there, or are things fairly stable? Third (which actually should be first or second) is this “hurt” from your muscles or joints? Based on what info you have presented I would recommend that you 1st do a more than adaquate warm up (I like a combination of rowing and bicyling) for 10-15 min., then stretch for another 10-15 min., then you can start doing warm up sets. Best of luck.

I like to have a training partner help me by spotting me from the bar forcing me to do it right. At least that is what we used to do. You shouldn’t have to do that for more than 10 overhead squat sessions. Start light, and don’t give up on them just cause your not good at them. That is all the more reason to keep doing them.