Overhead Squat Wrist Strain

Whenever I do overhead squats I feel a lot of strain on my right wrist. I feel it on the very left side of it, the part that is closest to the thumb. It is not really painful, I just feel it.

Its funny because my wrists feel fine doing front squats, although most people bitch about those. Im thinking that if I just stretch my forearms and keep at it, eventually the strain will to away. What do you guys think?

How many reps and sets are you doing for OHS?

They are a killer on your wrists!

They strain the wrist a lot more then front squats. Front squats they only have to be supple, but with OHS they take the weight of the barbell.

Do you stretch them up before you do OHS? They will take time to adjust to them. Don’t over do it as you will hurt your wrist and you will have to cut down on your training becuase of it!


If it’s just a strain, it will go away. However, if you feel like something is really wrong, you should get it checked out before doing anymore overhead squats. Question: if you snatch, does that affect your wrist?

My feeling is that it wouldn’t, the strain is probably just from supporting the weight in an “uncomfortable” position. You should also look into wrist wraps.

I had this problem for a while and went to see an orthopedist about it. For me, it turned out that doing overhead squats and snatches had caused some inflammation in the soft tissue around the bones near my thumb.

He gave me some athletic tape when I could wrap around my wrist and thumb, relieving the pressure I put on it. I could wear that and do overhead squats/snatches with no pain, I guess because of the extra support. After a few weeks, I took it off and haven’t had a problem since.

And I guess to answer your question: No, I don’t think it’s normal, and you should get it looked at.

Post #9 has a few pictures of 3 stretches that helped me out with my wrist pain in the OHS.