Overhead Squat Questions

I’ve recently been doing my workouts along the lines of CT’s Renaissance Body Development article, where a bit of strongman conditioning is thrown in at the end of a workout e.g. farmer’s walks, overhead carries etc, so I have been doing them then. As they are more of a static holding exercise I can’t see the harm in doing them after a TBT workout, or using them as a stabilising muscle workout i.e. replace an existing abs exercise with them.

Alternatively, do a “strongman” day in addition to your other workouts.

In regards to the load, with all the OHS posts I see on this site, especially when DJ is on Prime Time, I haven’t heard about too many lifts over 200 pounds. In fact, many guys are struggling with little more than the bar. My heaviest is 60kg, or 135lb for 5x3, so 185 for 5x5 is pretty good in my view! I seem to have fairly good flexibility as well and haven’t had some of the problems others have, and thought that for 5 months since starting them I have been doing pretty well.

My long term goal is to do bodyweight, currently 95kg, for at least 5 reps.



[quote]sully’s wrote:
Would the figure 8 walks be done on your off days or on your workout days? I currently do 3 full body workouts a week
ala TBT or Waterbury method. I thought that 185 pounds was kind of puny, sincerely thought most other people on T-Nation were in the 250-300 pound range.

bg100 wrote:

That is some impressive weight you’re lifting! I think the issue is simply that the smaller muscles are tiring first which is why you are feeling it in your shoulders.

The suggestions on doing overhead carries and holds is a good one. Try doing the DB “Figure 8” walks, where you walk around two objects a few metres apart in a figure 8 pattern. The fact that you are moving on a curved path means that your rotator cuffs and traps have to really fight to steady the weight.