Overhead Squat Question

I was wondering what the benefits of Overhead Squatting where in regards to regular squats? Also, can Overhead Squats replace regular squats in ones routine?

I feel that my quads are growing at a much faster pace than the rest of my body and it kind of looks unproportional now. I love working legs so I was thinking that Overhead Squats may be a good replacement for regular squats so I am not moving as much weight, any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.

Coach Davies has written extensively for T-mag about the benefits of OH squats. You should do a search. Dan John, who has some articles here as well, thinks they are a great functional exercise that builds core strength “Dad strength.” I have also heard it said that it is an overrated exercise that only benefits those who want to learn to do the squat snatch. Like anything, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

In your case, since you want to let the rest of your body catch up with your quads, OH squats will probably benefit you. Work them in slowly to allow your shoulders to develop the necessary flexibility or you’ll have some hurtin’ shoulder joints. If you’re not already doing so, do lots of deadlifts, GMs, and/or Romanian deadlifts to let your posterior chain catch up with your quad development.

start off hella light, or you’re gonna fall over! I personally still am not very good at the exercise, but when my friends laugh at me for using so ‘little’ of weight, and then they fall over using the bar, it shows how hard the exercise really is. BALANCE and shoulder flexibility are mandatory. Start light and progress up. Oh, and if you belong to a commercial gym, expect a lot of people to come up and say that you’re not squatting right, or that what you’re doing isn’t safe (heavens forbid you drop a bar on your head!)

Get a BOSU Ball and flip it over so you stand on the platform side. You can do squats and deadlifts on that. You will not be able to do very much weight for a while, it hits all of the other muscles you don’t use much to keep your balance. Plus it will force you to use proper form. Start light and concentrate.

Tremendous exercise but I wouldn’t consider it as a replacement to Back Squat but a tremendous core movement.

With your problem, the answer may be more in the method how you’re squatting and of course the ham work.

Let me know if I can help.

In faith,

Coach Davies