Overhead Squat Flexibility Issues

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I suppose a relevant question to ask would be shizen how much weight are you using that is causing your wrists to hurt?[/quote]

Only like 185 lbs I haven’t tried to go much higher but I’m working towards a 225lb snatch so I want to be able to rep that pretty easily in the oh snatch position.-pretty far away from that snatch at the moment though heh-

I will definitely use hook grip now and see how that works, gym is closed next 2 days but I’ll see next time I’m in their.-I’ll admit at first front squats had a similar affect on my wrists now I have absolutely no problem going as heavy as I want-

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So, trying to get lower in the overhead squat and right now I have like all of two inches. Looking to increase flexibility in my shoulders. Right now I just can’t get then back far enough (that and keeping an upright spine). Are scapular raises right for this?


Christian Thib in his “Little Black Book of Training Secrets” discusses OH Squat. He suggests that you try to “rip the bar apart” when it’s overhead. Believe it or not, it actually allows greater range of motion in your shoulders, so you can carry greater load. It works for me, I can add 15-20% more weight if I focus on pulling my arms apart under load. Try it, you have nothing to lose. :slight_smile:

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  1. Olympic lifters use snatch grip because it benefits them - they only have to jerk the bar 6" as apposed to more if they were using a clean grip.
    Now a snatch grip is more taxing on the shoulders(then a clean grip - directly overhead, lol proof of this is in the recent article about cable directions & vectors), and in terms of balance I have tried both, my initial thoughts were “how the hell can you do it with a clean grip?!”, then I tried it, and it was actually more stable, funny enough maybe because there is only one force vector - downwards, as apposed to a snatch grip at 45degrees which has both down and sideways). On my 3rd ever attempt at doing clean grip overhead squats I managed to C&P bodyweight and squat it 8 times below parallel, there is a video of it on here in the other overhead squats thread. I wouldn’t say that it is overly difficult it is just a bit weird and takes a bit of getting used to. Now I don’t train the lift but IMO if you were to get someone doing these from day one they would grow to be very strong structurally.

  2. Rubbish. Get the person to put their hands in the air and sit on a low chair, then add the broom stick, then start adding weight. People will always find excuses to get out of working harder.

  3. Add weight, it’s not rocket science o_O[/quote]

1a) OLers expand their grip after the Clean to reduce the the Jerk distance, but seldom to they approach the width of the snatch grip.

Although the force vector increases by expanding the grip it still follows the path straight along the arms, and because the weight is in a lockout position the difference is almost negligible, (if it wasn’t the benefit of Snatching with a wide grip wouldn’t exist and all OL would Snatch with a clean grip) the increased shoulder strain occurs during the pull when there is additional force pulling the shoulders away from the sockets.

The other forces one must look at are torsional, the first is the torque the weight exerts on the lifter’s body. With the weight over head expanding the grip lowers center of mass and therefore reduces the length of the lever acting on the on the lifter’s core. The second torque addressed is the one on bar itself, by widening the grip the lever arms acting on the support points are decreased, so the bar is easier to stabilize overhead.

1b &2) Assessment is an important factor of coaching. Individuals have different levels of mobility. I know gymnasts who can do dislocates using a clean grip, while other people can barely clear their head with the broom handle in order to do one. You might be one of the lucky people who doesn’t have to address mobility issues, but you can’t assume that someone is just trying to get out of work (even though a lot of people are). Sometimes doing things the easier way allows more work to be done, thereby generating more results.

  1. Obviously, but my point was that just because someone can OHS a broom handle with their hands touching doesn’t mean they addressed any mobility or alignment problems.

Foam rolling your chest will do more then anything else. I can guarentee it.

You are having rtrouble because your tssue qwiuality sucks ass, invest in a massage and get your upper backl an chest loosened off.

Dont beleive me? Then check out my shoulder flexibility. I seem to be an anomaly amongst teenagers in that I take my massage, rolling, and soft tissue work very seriously.