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Overhead Squat Critique (Video)

Hi, I just filmed myself trying to overhead squat, this is the first time ive done it with weight ( 40 kg )
I know the snatch form is horrible and awfull but how does my overhead squat look?

Im not interested in becoming competetive or anyhting, or even bodybuilding to be perfectly honest, just general all round fitness and this seems like a good exercise to include for long term strength and mobility.

thanks and any critisicism is eagerly anticipated!

The OH squat is actually pretty good…there really isn’t much if anything I would change. This answer might change as the weights get heavier but it looks pretty good as of now.

P.S. the snatch isn’t too bad either…you just need to start with you ass a little lower and use your legs a bit more…

Hey, thanks ATCJM, I’ll take the advice about keeping my butt lower and using my legs more, I’m looking forward to putting it into practice now.