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Overhead Specilization

I posted this yesterday in prime time CT, but must have missed the beast. And I was wondring what you guys think about this:
When doing a specilization cycle (OHP 3x’s a week), How often should you train your squat? Once or twice?
Could I use something like 5x5 on squat, or would it be better to use a dynamic and ME days? I just finished Deadlifting for stubby guys a week ago and would like to work on my overhead press for the next month.

Thanks in advance

Well you could do something like my current workout:

1.) Alternate between the snatch & clean. I usually do 2 powers followed by a full

2.) Squat- (5x5)I warm up with a light FS then move to a moderate FS, the jump to my heaviest set which is a BS. I then drop 20lb and do another set of BS. Then drop a few more and do a final FS set. All sets are on this day are for 5’s.

3A.)Hang Power Clean&Press: (5x5)first set light, second set medium, third set is the heavies then I drop weight for both the 4th and 5th sets. I do one clean and 5 presses.
3B.)Calf work

4A.) Weighted Hypers
4B.) Weighted Decline Crunch

1.)OL- same rep scheme as mon.

2.)Squats - 3x3 with the heaviest set from Mon.

3A.)Hang power clean&press - 3x3 with heaviest set from Mon
3B.)Calf work

4A.)Weighted Hypers
4B.)Weighted Decline Crunch

1.) Same Olympic lift done on monday. For the sake of variety I do the split version on this day and only do 2’s

2.)Squat- (4x6) 1st set light FS, 2nd set medium FS, 3rd is a heavy BS & I use the same weight as use on monday except for 6 reps & the weight on set four corresponds with set 4 on Monday.

3A.) Hang Power clean&press(4x6); 1 clean & 6 presses): 1st set is light, 2nd set is medium, the weight for sets 3 & 4 correspond with sets 3 & 4 from Mon
3B.) Calf work

4A.)Weighted hypers
4B.)weighted decline crunch

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I just got home from work and it’s time for me to go to bed.

Thanks that looks like a very cool split, and it could be of use to all of us interested in oly. lifting.
Just for an idea of what I am using currentally for my overhead work: (from CT’s PT)


Triple menace press:

Start with the overhead barbell press; gradually work up to the max weight you can handle for 5 reps, this should be done over 3-4 progressively heavier sets.

When you cannot complete 5 good military presses, continue to add weight but switch to the push press. Continue to add weight on each set until you cannot complete 5 good push presses.

When you reach your top for 5 push presses, continue to add weight on each set but switch to push jerks. Add weight on each set until you cannot perform 5 good push jerks per set.

A workout could look like this:

Set 1: 115lbs x 5 (press)
Set 2: 125lbs x 5 (press)
Set 3: 135lbs x 5 (press)
Set 4: 140lbs x 4 (press)
Move on to push press
Set 5: 145lbs x 5 (push press)
Set 6: 150lbs x 5 (push press)
Set 7: 155lbs x 4 (push press)
Move on to push jerk
Set 8: 160lbs x 5 (push jerk)
Set 9: 165lbs x 5 (push jerk)
Set 10: 170lbs x 4 (push jerk)


A. Overhead press
5 x 5 with a weight that you can easily get 5 reps with (2nd set weight of your DAY 1 workout for example)

B. Bradford press
3 x 4-6 reps (1 rep = from the clavicle, 1/2 press to behind the neck, 1/2 press back to the clavicle)

C. Reverse grip military press
3 x 8-10 reps


A. Overhead press
10 x 1 with a weight you could get 3 reps with

B. Overhead support in power rack
Work up to the heaviest weight you can support 5-10 seconds

I really like it so far.

Well, not much bad I can say about that workout. Days 1,2&3 by themselves would be too much for me. I don’t see that I would be able to make more that 2 or 3 weeks on that program. I would have to rest 4 or 5 days after day 1 before I could do workout two. Remember by doing the exercises on day one in the order that you have chosen, you are not going to be able to throw up as much in your push jerk. I personally, would put it first most of the time because it is the biggest lift of the three. It is also the most explosive of the three. You will loose explosiveness as your shoulders fatigue.

But honestly, I think that the way you have it can add a decent amount of muscle to your shoulder girdle.

Some other lifts that I like for shoulder specialization:
-Behind the neck snatch grip press or push press
-Side press
-Overhead squats (Usually done before any pressing)
-High pulls with sub max weights (try to hold them at the top)
-Drop snatches (you can work up to some serious weight with these).

That’s all I can come up with at the moment. Hope all goes well with you.