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Overhead Shrug Issues.

It seems whenever I do overhead shrugs, I get this odd clicking in my scapular region. As far as I can tell, I’m not hyper-extended rearward, and I’ve played with varying grips, but to no avail… The clicking continues! It’s not painful, just odd, and I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else(or if I should just go get it checked out).

What is an overhead shrug? Maybe I call it something else. Can u describe it?

Is the clicking behind the scapula towards the center of the back in the superficial trapezius region and deep rhomboids area or is it in the shoulder? If it’s in the shoulder I know that sometimes the tendons can overlap there during movement and cause a clicking but thats mostly in the front. If you have some cartilage damage in the shoulder it can cause some clicking as well. I’ve had several small shoulder problems from baseball. If the clicking is in the shoulder then it could be the tendons or cartilage damage. If the clicking is in the trapezius/rhomboid area “center back” or behind the scapula then it might just be a knot and a 30 mins sports massage on the back will fix that. Both caused me pain and I couldn’t throw. The cartilage required rest. The knot required a massage. Both turned out fine. If it turns out to be that much of a nuisance going to the doc is the safest thing to do just to make sure you don’t have a shoulder problem waiting to flare up. It’d be best to fix it now before something bad happens. Hope this helps.


How long would it take cartilage to heal? Days? Weeks? Months?

In my case it wasn’t severe. My athletic trainer told me it was just minor cartilage damage, not a tear. I took about 10 days off from lifting, throwing, etc and took baby steps back into everything. This fixed me. He told me that if after your “rest” be it a week, 2 weeks, etc, and you come back with the pain still there then you should see a doctor because you probably have some tears in the cartilage, or pieces of it floating around in there. If this is the case then surgery is required and anytime surgery on the shoulder is required your probably looking for healing to be in the months category. :s