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Overhead Pressing Ab Tear?

Hey Guys, In my program I have one day where I do push presses (overhead) after my squats.

I am 75KG and I did 62.5 KG for 3x5 that day, on my first set I felt a sharp pain in my lower left abs, for the last 2 days it has been sore, and I have rested it. I had the same thing happen on the right side a few weeks ago, I guess it is a muscle thing rather than a hernia, which is what I thought it was the first time.
Has anyone experienced it? Any tips? I wear a belt while doing them because of the fact I would feel some discomfort in my spine after it (Leaning too much back)

This happened to me earlier this year.

I aggravated it doing ab-wheel rollouts for the first time in a while. I was quite sore from them. A week later I felt a “pop” in the same spot - lower left ab - during the last rep of my last set of strict pressing. It hurt any time I sat up, but I did manage to squat 455 on it with no issue. I worked around it for a week or so before getting it checked out.

An ultrasound revealed it to be a “sports hernia” which isn’t like other hernias where something is poking through your abdominal wall. What happened was my lower left abdominal was partially detached from the pubic bone.

I just took it easy for a few weeks until the pain subsided, then I went right back to squatting, benching, deadlifting and yes, strict pressing. But I did not cease lifting while it was healing. I just didn’t do anything that hurt it.

I would recommend getting it checked out.

Thank you for the reply, this is my third day now. Since day one I never felt pain unless I touch it, then it would feel tender. Today I can’t even feel anything to be honest, but you know how it is, the more you play with it, the more you will believe there is something :smiley:. I am not lifting all week, just my yoga on Sunday, and even then I will not do anything that stretches my abs.

I am interested to know why this happens with such a movement (OH Press), I would have thought deads, squats more likely. I am glad it has subdued, I have taken around 75 MG of Aspirin every night, and will continue to do so because it is healthy.

Your injury sounds far worse than mine, I am surprised you continued training and you did not damage it further, but glad for you obviously.
I am not going to check it out… A few months ago I went because I had rectal bleeding occasionally but for a long time. The damn woman raped my virgin ass, it was horrible and she said its all good, to which my reply was ‘so no cancer’? Better safe than sorry I guess…big aspirin tablets did that to me I believe…

The basic idea that worked for me while it was healing was…

No heavy spinal loading of any kind. Took a break from squats, deads, strict pressing and even benching.

If it hurt my ab I just didn’t do it.

I did a lot of dumbbell stuff and machine work while it was healing up. Nothing heavy, just getting some stimulation.

As far as the involvement of the abdominal muscles in strict pressing, it is significant. The rep I had the pop on was a grinder too, with quite a bit of straining. The weight wasn’t even that much, it was just the last rep of the last set, so I was drained.

It is your choice whether or not to have it checked out. I prefer knowing what’s going on with my body. Guessing isn’t always the best bet, but people can and do get away with it all of the time.

I had same issue i have done hardly any squat, deadlifts for three years do to health issues, just getting back into, but my first few workouts on ohp my abs and obliques wore sore, especially right below rib cage went away after a few workouts though .