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Overhead Presses with Pins


I'm trying to bring my standing strict ohp up... I've had plent of success with 5/3/1 but I've been thinking about switching over to a westside type approach on it... What I've been doing lately is standing pin presses @ various heights on me day and full ohps on DE day I use 50-65% of my 1rm for 8 sets of 3... My workouts look like this...
ME day week 1-4 cycle 1
4 pin press (this is basically where I start on regular ohp_
Incline bench
Closegrip bench

DE day week 1-4 cycle 1
Seated db ohp
ME OHP week 1-4 cycle 2
3 pin press (basically lockout)
Weighted pullup
Incine bench

DE Day..... You guys think this is sound I liken the pins to what board presses are for the benchs


Then why change?


i grew tired of it, what i am thinking of doing is instead of doing strict OHP i'll change it to do pushpresses for strongman and then use standing OHP, seated OHP Seated DB OHP and Zavakias presses as assistance work...sound good?


looking at this from a strictly strongman point of view... I think all pressing movements should start from the floor... what good is a large push press or strict press if you can't clean the weight from the ground? I would only be working on those two things individually if you are able to clean the weight, but not finish it.


i have no problem cleaning the weight, and for me my main problem is the lockout, i basically get anything off my shoulders but when it comes to lockout, i struggle, what i have been doing lately is doing a standing overhead press in the power-rack with pins about an inch underneath where I have trouble....seems to be working good for now, a few things that helped with "shoulder strength" was zydrunas presses, seated DB press, and the fact that my shoulders have always been one of my strongest muscles...