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Overhead Press


What is the best way to increase overhead strength?
I want to increase mine because 1.) It looks cool, to have more above your head than some people can "squat" with. And 2.) Because I have a strongman contest in 5 weeks where the log clean is an event.
Right now I do a speed day for presses (10*3* 70,75,80%) and a max effort day using push presses, push jerks, inclines and standing military press. On both days these exercises are followed with heavy db work (for a rep record),and heavy tri work and some suspended push ups (this is bascially what was outlined in a Mike Mahler post--apparentally he had asked Louie about how to improve your overhead press-- from a while back.
I seem to have trouble getting the weight past the mid point of the press, but once it gets past that point it will go up. Does anyone else have this problem and how did you fix it?
Thanks for the help
Will R.


I dont want to re-post the original thread, but if you do a search on my name "wassung, and 300lbs press" and you will see a detailed post that might give you some tips and direction.



Keith Wassung is the expert in this lifts...I asked hima about this same problem in the P&B boards...he said "bent row". It works like almost a miracle.


Well, Ive done a strict military with 375 if that lends any sort of credibility to my advice.

The best thing I ever did for taking up my overhead pressing strength was a speed day, done pretty much like the way you described. On top of that I started adding resistancebands which made things even better and they helped me get through my sticking point , which was three-five inches off the shoulders.

I also would suggest overhead lockouts for assistance work and at the end of the workout do isometric pushes (I do them in the powerrack with three different pin setting at the end of an upper body workout) , the way CT describes at three different positions close to your sticking point, the radiation effect should take care of the rest.

And of course always start your workout with the movement you want to improve.