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Overhead Press Slight Leaning, Dangerous?


Most everyone lifting big weights overhead with one arm leans to the side (and/or to the back).
Is there any danger in this or does the body (adapt to) take it well? (yes, I know there's a difference between leaning with a ~straight back and bending your spine sideways etc.)

A more extreme lean:

A pretty good example of what I mean:

Asking because the side press feels much better on my shoulders than the MP, but seems my spine bends a little...it does feel natural though, and I see a sheet-load of guys doing 1A DB rows or deads with some rotation in their spines.


That is because it is simply physically impossible to stand perfectly straight while only one arm is holding up weight above your head.


Your body is designed for lateral movement of the torso. This exercise actually strengthens the midsection.


This and thus forming a new center of gravity for stabilizing the body.


Thought so. Thank you. It does feel and seem perfectly natural.


are you bodybuilding?


I'm just trying to put up as much weight as I can with a form which won't get me injured and uses my muscles, not momentum.


The human body is truly impressive...(and the, ahem, animal body is just as impressive)