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Overhead Press - Range of Motion



I have problem with Overhead Press technique. Im big guy (320lbs) with 240x5 OHP and i I recently read that with each rep you should touch your upper chest and it is the only way to have a healthy shoulders and lower injury chance. But since I can remember I always lowered the barbell to the point somewhere between chin and chest, it was natural for me. I never had any shoulders injury, and to be honest i never felt any pain in my shoulders. I tried touch the chest with light weight (65lbs) but I felt a lot of bad tension in my shoulders

Jim i found the old video with you and OHP. I lower the bar to the similar point (somewhere between chin and chest)


Where did you read this?


Something to consider is your body's construction. If you have long upper arms and short lower arms the bar will naturally rest lower on your body. If the opposite is true it will rest higher (like myself and probably you). The shoulder will still be working the same range of motion despite the appearance being different.


You press big weights
You have no shoulder issues
Carry on with the way you're doing it
Snub your nose as the "experts"


Thanks for answers.

I recently very concentrate on improving my technique. And i read on the internet that - you should use full range of motion - in OHP all the way up and then all the way down. Even in Jim's book 5/3/1 2nd edition i found this:

"Each rep should start with the bar on your shoulders. Don’t perform half reps. Your body
was designed to move through a full range of motion, so do it."

And that is why I am asking, because my bar never rest on my shoulders but somewhere between chest and chin.


You are fine. You are a bigger, stronger guy. Ever read a "diet" article about getting huge by a 160lbs twink? Don't worry about the twinks.


Mark Rippetoes press video helped me a lot


This somehow passed through my bullshit detector.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: