Overhead Press Plateau

training for almost 2 years
2 shoulder workout per week

Basically i go failure on every set / using rep goal system
but i cant progress anymore
my weight is 72kg and my PR is 75Kg 3 Rep

no comment?

I’d suggest posting an actual question. I can’t even really understand the plan you posted. Your workout is:
Overhead press 2x14
Behind neck press 2x14
Lateral raise 3 x failure
and then some biceps stuff?

Why are you doing the exact same workout twice a week? How are you progressing? Is your 14-rep max increasing?

What does the rest of your training look like?

Then how are you doing 14 reps with 70kg?

Try doing sets a lil shy of failure, a lot of my best results on the ohp have come from microloading + doing 5 x 3 or even 7 x 1 etc

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hey man
I mean doing 14 reps in 2 set !weight same weight
After reaching 14 rep in 2 set I increase the weight
Not 14 Rep for 1 set
shoulders and bicep in one day

Do you mean you do a total of 14 reps in those two sets? So, like, maybe 9 reps in set one and then 5 reps in set two, to make 14 reps total? That’s not at all what your paper says. Who told you to train that way?

If you can be more clear about how you’re training, you might be able to get more advice.

This will get a your numbers up…

perfect world get ‘Base Building’ ebook

Overhead press - 1 x 3 with good speed, rest 3 minutes then 1 x 8, rest 3 then 1 x 15 with the 8 and 15 taken to failure.