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Overhead Press Lagging


I really need to get my strength up, and from what I've read Wendler's 5/3/1 looks like one of the best programs for it. So I'm going to be starting in September and I have a concern regarding my overhead press in that it's really lagging behind the rest of my lifts.

Bench 185 x 1
Squat 205 x 3
Deadlift 275 x 1
Press 90 x 5

I haven't purchased the e-book yet, so I don't know if it addresses this, but should I wait and get my overhead press up before I start the program?


Definitely don't wait. That program is designed to bring up ALL of those lift, including the OH press.
And actually your pressing strenght is pretty much on par with your other lifts. So while you might think that your press is too low, I think all your lifts are too low :wink:

Go ahead with 5/3/1


it doesn't, and no


no, no need to wait. it's not really lagging that bad anyway.. you just need to get in the gym and lift at this point lol. once you double those lifts then you can worry about weak points


Shit son, where in pei do you train?


God damn, i am a fucking idiot.
Anyway, if you don't work the lift it won't go up.
Work it, it's part of the program.


Uh, it's not lagging. I knew this was going to be the case as soon as I read the title of this thread. Do you realize that standing strict overhead press is a very difficult exercise to add weight on?

Here's Jim Wendlers MP:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxXWLI5AjLY&feature=channel_page (240x6)

Here's his BP:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uycwsLn2JDU&feature=channel_page (370x7)

The ratio between his BP and MP is almost exactly the same as yours, which is almost exactly the same as mine, which is almost exactly the same as everyone's unless they have some weird leverages/weaknesses.


Thanks for feedback, can't wait to start the program!