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Overhead Press-Hold Video?

Huge Request from Thib

I’ve recently been told by my chiropractor that I’m very close to causing damage to my RC. He’s recommended two usual rotation RC exercises, no bench for two weeks, only db bench after, balancing pulling volume with pushing volume, etc., all the recommendations you said in the past didn’t help.

I have tried your overhead press holds in the past, but after a few weeks, it was too painful for me to do. It could’ve been because it was strengthening them but that exercise is painful and I really didn’t have any confidence in performing it correctly. I’ve recently been going to back them, but in light of this news, I now want to make sure I’m doing them correctly and not causing further damage. I also didn’t have enough confidence to do it with more than the bar itself. Would you do me a big favor, Thib, and put a video on youtube of how to do them correctly with weight? I would immensely appreciate it.