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Overhead Press Grip Width

How wide is yoru grip in the overhead press
which width is supopose to be safest…specially if you have a bad shoulder ?

I don’t have an answer as i just started doing them, I’m commenting to be part of the thread.
I was doing shoulder width at first and switched to a wider grip, pinkies about an inch from the rings last week. i felt much stronger with the closer grip even though theres more distance to cover, but ill give it another week to get used to wide grip.

My grip is usually about inch or two outside shoulder width.

If you have a bad shoulder you might want to reconsider doing any over head presses?

Umm, if you do, don’t go extremely heavy. Focus on the rep, go lighter weight for more TUT.

Actually if you would, just read this article. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_lost_art_of_overhead_pressing

[quote]spar4tee wrote:
My grip is usually about inch or two outside shoulder width.[/quote]


My grip is an inch outside shoulder width. I use that grip because it’s where I’m strongest and the bar feels stable. I also c&j with that grip.

Thumbs just outside of shoulder width, and thumbless grip. As far as safest width, it’s more about making sure your elbows started tucked and follow a similar motion to benching, ie not flaring at the wrong time. I actually use the same grip for OHP as I do for NG Bench.

I do a pretty close grip… usually a little narrower than shoulder width. When I go wide it fucks up my shoulders hardcore.

My training partner on the other hand loves to do them wide and gets no shoulder pain at all so what do I know lol.