Overhead Press Form Check

Guys an someone check my overhead press form. I am having some pain in my left shoulders, thats the one facing the camera in the vid. Its defs not soreness and so please help. I am only pressing 27.5kg.

Somebody pleaseeee.

It’s early here in the US. The usual experts will get to this so have patience. I don’t know about your shoulder but your lower body didn’t look great.

Your knees are nearly locked, your hips are forward and both of those make you arch your back. Try having a soft bend in your knees and move your hips back like you’re about to do a front squat.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with your shoulder but it can cause low back problems down the road.

Pain during the set or does the pain set in sometime after training?

First thing I’d fix is how you get the bar into position. I’ve always said learning to power clean isn’t rocket science, but you’re doing some fugly kind of reverse curl and catching the weight way out in front which is sending a ton of stress up through the arm into the shoulder before you even begin pressing.

At the very least get your elbows under the bar, if not in front of them, when you catch the clean. Not this position, where the bar is well ahead of the elbows when you catch it. And then, when you do stand upright, the bar completely launches up out of your hand and then you catch it, again, in a bad position. So you’re pounding your joints before any pressing even happens.

Second, the bar never actually gets close to your body during the rep. Do you have the mobility to get the bar under your chin? It never comes anywhere close to that and, again, stays way out in front of the body messing up your leverage and creating unnecessary joint stress.

The bar actually looks like it starts out over your toes, which is a terrible position to press from. You can’t generate any power and just waste energy to get the bar up in a “straight” line overhead.

Basically, work on totally fixing your starting position. That’ll be the first step to solving any other problems.

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I do that cause youtube videos say to have lean back slightly so that u can press without hitting ur face. They also ask to squeeze ur glutes and tense ur core.

Yh i dont have a rack so i have to do this. I will try thise again at a gym then. Also i cant seem to get it under my chin or lay on my chest. Any ideas why that might be? I try keep my arms straight but never works either

You’re starting position needs a lot of help. You lack tightness in your body.

Check out this video.

I get this tightness feedback a lottt. How do u manage that?

I start with my lower body and squeeze my glutes, just like the guy in the vid says to do. My next thing is to make a shelf with my lats and push my triceps against them while the bar is just above my clavicle. My grip is only slightly wider than shoulder width and my elbows are tight to my sides as I can get them. My arms are like a W basically.

I also like a false grip (thumbs with the rest of the fingers). It seems like it would be dangerous but I’ve never come close to having the bar roll out as long as my grip is secure. I try to keep my reps strict and imagine my power is starting from my lats and through my arms to my shoulders and the weight goes up.

I see people do this movement all different kind of ways, and maybe mine is the wrong way – but I noticed I could push up 135 finally when I adjusted my form to what I described. I used to do it with a wider grip and my elbows flared. Needless to say, that made my shoulder hurt quite a bit.

[quote=“mrnuggets, post:6, topic:225574”]
i dont have a rack so i have to do this.[/quote]
That’s fine, you don’t need a rack, but you need to get the bar into position better. If you can do them at the gym and use a rack, that’ll skip the entire issue.

Could be a mobility issue. Some of these drills should help. It could also simply be how narrow or wide you’re grabbing the bar. That’s impossible to tell from the side-view video, but it seems like you’re grabbing the bar pretty narrow.

Lastly, how heavy was that weight for you? That second rep looked challenging. How many more reps could you have done with that weight? If you’re going too heavy, that can certainly cause shoulder pain.

I could 5 reps with that weight for sure and i was grabbing it shoulder width apart.