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Overhead Press for Floor Press?


Is it ok to change the overhead press for floor press and use for the 5/3/1 work im curious if anyone has tried/found it more beneficial.


I know some people have changed it to incline or close grip bench as they carryover was better. I'm sure it would do no harm to try for 3 or 4 cycles.


Aahh cool, I was thinking just use it for assistance higher reps as doing sets of low reps on it does jack for my bench.


I use incline bench.


I think the main thing is to just do the overhead press in some form or another to build the shoulders. Doing close grips, inclines, or floor press as the primary movement would be smart if you get a lot out of those exercises, then doing 5x10 with the press after. Or pressing on bench day or something. I just do inclines after bench, and close grips after pressing.

Don't be afraid to manipulate the program to work for you, nothing is set in stone exercise, sets and reps wise. If you are in doubt about something, go read the 5/3/1 principles of start light, progress slow, set PRs, and emphasize big mulit-joint movements. If it fits those 4, then you can go ahead and still call it 5/3/1. That's how I see it anyway.


I don't really understand why you would want the OHP out.

I can't do it cause my basement ceiling height is too low. I use incline as a primary that day, then do a seated OHP, and then either DB presses or behind the neck presses. But OHP is/was my favorite lift.


Never drop the overhead press unless you want to be weak. That seems like a weird option.

Do Press and then do 5's pro with floor on the same day. Cutting out the press is like cutting out the squat. Unless you are injured which means you should go get your body fixed.