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Overhead Press & Core/Leg Stability

As I managed to rehab/defuck my back, I decided to do a lot of overhead pressing (even if only my vertical push is way under my vertical pull).

While my first/first few reps go pretty well, my last (I do 6-10 reps for now) reps make my legs shiver. Anyway, balance is much harder. I do leg raises, deads and side bends for my core. What can I do for my legs to be more stable(allow me to support higher weights overhead)??

Any type of squats? Overhead squats? Overhead shrugs? PL style or olympic or front squats?
Thanks, Vlad

I have the same problem sometimes, usually on my last rep, when I overhead press a very heavy load and must exert myself. It happens much more rarely now than it once did, which may just be the product of adaptation. My suspicion is that, since this happened to me on near-maximal efforts, it has something to do with CNS overload. That is just speculation though, I would be appreciative of a more educated explanation if any one has one.

Have you tried doing push-presses? This isn’t very scientific, but maybe the muscles get tired of holding one position, and a little movement will keep everything firing and balancing well.

[quote]Black Thorn wrote:
As I managed to rehab/defuck my back…[/quote]
Now, did you go to a professional back defucker? Because if you just defucked it on your own, you could end up refucking yourself pretty quickly. :wink:

I like the idea of push presses or jerks. It brings everything into the movement. Also, some overhead barbell walks may not be a bad idea. One nice quick movement Dan John has advocated are pressouts, or partial reps at the end of any set of overhead presses.

After every set of presses, keep the bar locked out, then do 6-8 very short R.O.M. presses, like, just 3-4 inches. It’ll burn your tris like nothing, but it’ll also give your core and base (read - your body from the armpits to the feet) some extra stabilizing work.

Of course, the shivering legs could just be your body telling you that the weight’s too heavy, and it doesn’t like it very much.

Thanks for the replies.
the weight isn’t too heavy. I can press it for 8-9 reps the first set with perfect technique. The last reps during the last sets are somewhat shaky, and I think they work my tris a lot more than my shoulders (I flare my elbows).
Strength, Vlad
P.S.: the professional back defuckers weren’t able to do anything for me, so I just started doing rounded back work and oblique work.

[quote]Minotaur wrote:
Black Thorn wrote:
As I managed to rehab/defuck my back…
Now, did you go to a professional back defucker? Because if you just defucked it on your own, you could end up refucking yourself pretty quickly. :wink:



That was classic

I say take it easy and just keep progressing. Just do stuff various things with weight over your head. Like you listed, plus various carries etc…

Someone else mentioned Dan John. His DVD’s would help in various ways.

Well after spending way too much time trying to work on balance gear (squatting on a ball never got me anything but odd glares) I found unilateral squats helped my leg stability the most. Now balance might not be the issue here but I would say bulgarian squats are some of the best squats for building balance.

If that doesn’t work I think I’ve still got an ‘extreme balance board’ kicking around somewhere that you could use…

Well, apart from doing pressouts (I’ll throw a party…I can do triceps work while sticking to overhead pressing…), I’m getting a 90lb sandbag this month :smiley: Can’t wait. Overhead carries…and I’m getting a friend to train with me, and we’re going to train in a park (can’t wait to see the looks of the people there).