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Overhead Press Challenge Thread


Since the last challenge thread fell off the first page it must be time for another one.

The Challenge:
Pick up something heavy from the ground and press it over your head. Once is all that is required. Post video and give known or estimated weight.

Has to come off the ground.
Arms need to be straight (not necessarily locked out) at top.
It is a press, not a jerk. Push presses are perfectly fine.

Use whatever equipment you want. Barbells, dumbbells, pressing logs, kettle bells, etc. Even tires, fallen trees, sand bags, or a friend or two are fair game - whatever you are comfortable lifting or willing to try to lift over your head.

Use whatever technique you want as long as it is a press in the end.

Note: Power cleans are easy enough to learn. There are articles on the site that explain them well.


So why didn't you just call this "Clean and Press" Challenge Thread?




More options than just a barbell. Allows for some creativity outside of the gym which I thought could be more interesting than clean and press alone.


aside from picking things up and putting them down, are there any other guidelines ... like shoot for a minimum .75 of body weight or anything like that? Because, let's be honest, there's a lot of smart asses out there who'll probably take your challenge and run with it...however that also might be interesting

I"m going to go lift a 7 year old over my head ... brb


Not really. I left it simple so people can get creative. Pulling stop signs from the ground only count if you then press it overhead ending with straight arms.

Looks like you might need multiple kids. But a one arm variation would be cool as well.

Edited for clarity


^ ok then ... let the good times roll


Polo, come on man.

Lift a 120 pound stripper over you head.

You get married and lose all your desire didnt you?


I can't do overhead press (hurts my right shoulder too much) and I hate it...but I absolutely love that picture of Atlas. Just amazing.


I have problems with oh presses sometimes(the strength comes and goes) but can do a push press. Or is it no oh pressing at all for you?

I'm going to work up to figuring out how much I can do in this one for one. So I'm in! :smiley:


I have the same pain when doing bench press sometimes. It's just above the right armpit.


I have no problem with benching just oh presses.


That's because your ROM while bench pressing is super small.

Note : That's a compliment.


soon as I get over this f*$#ing flu, I am soooooooo down.

would a simple OH press do, or are the rules from the ground to OH?

either way, I am soooooo down~

/EDIT - re-read the rules, from the ground it is - game on~



kettlebells are for gurlz -


Yes they are. :slight_smile:


< - - - - - Jelly~

no more thread hijack - back to your regular programming.


Dont be Jelly Edgy, I think most days she likes you more than me.


Edevus making naughty joke!