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Overhead Pistols - Thoughts?


I've been doing 5X5 squats, following that with one long set of pistols, managing 20+ reps with each leg. Last session I've tried, just for fun, doing overhead pistols with a 10kg barbell. Actually managed a few reps... This is a nice addition for my martial arts training. Nevertheless, I would have like to know what you think of these as a core exercise? (I do them in very strict form, full range)


Sounds impressive. Fucking useless but impressive none the less.


That sounds pretty cool. I like pistols for an assistance exercise so I might have to try that. Pistols are a good exercise to help to show weaknesses in each leg, so using them as a core exercise as an overhead squat seems pretty valid to me.


with pistols your back is already rounded and you are holding something overhead? Sounds bad.


i'd be very interested to see a video because i'm also having a very hard time picturing this, i can overhead squat and do pistols (i dont, but i can), and as mentioned above, i dont see how you could overcome the rounding issue (unless you do it with a leg behind you, and stand on a box so you can go all the way down...by the way, if this is what you're doing, my hat is off to you) unless you're kinda front raising the wieght


yeah ahi, i don't see why you'd do it..


Lol, true. For me it has benefits for my martial arts training. Has much more to do with developing the correct groove with the technique and balance than with power.


I'll try filming it next week, in about 6 days. More or less like that guy, just with far better form and much less rounding of the back:

I think the main issue with most guys is lack of serious stretching, which gives them hard times with stability and balance. I ain't so strong, but keeping track with good stretching routines really eased my life with some movements that guys much stronger than me are finding very difficult to deal with.


I heard Platz did pistols.


I love this video. It's at about 2 minutes in...


Its an impressive feat, but I don't think anyone would recommend training it specifically.

Check out the end of the video, dragging a tire attached arond the waist w/ a heavy weight held overhead, looks like it might be pretty effective.

I remember reading a westside article where Louie Simmons mentioned walking 1/4 of a mile w/ 225 held in the zercher position for low back strength too.