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Overhead Med Ball Throw Alternative?

I’m newish to lifting, and am now on the ten week training program written about in one of the articles on here… my question is, with the overhead medicine ball throws, is there an alternate exercise I can do when there is no space for them? My gym has mirrors on all walls so I have to throw it at the floor. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Well, because there’s no deceleration component to most MB throws, you won’t really be able to swap in another exercise with the exact same benefits. If you’re referring to the throw that closely resembles a push press, I’d say to do plyo pushups instead. If by overhead you mean the throw using explosive triple extension to chuck the ball over and behind you, then DB snatches or something similar would work decently. Hope that helps.

I suppose you could try doing Smith Machine bench throws, but the problem is you’ve got to catch it… http://www.T-Nation.com/training/training-variations-for-mass-gain

But for the sake of safety, maybe just do some kind of explosive push-up.

Depends what kind of throws you are talking about.

If you are talking about overhead med ball slams where you throw it down to the ground, you can use the rope attachment on a high cable machine.

Kneel down and face away from the stack like you are doing typical rope crunches.

Use a heavy weight.

Here’s the key: relax on the negative and allow the rope to almost pull you off the ground. Instead of a smooth turnaround between the eccentric and concentric, use a violent contraction to stop the eccentric and reverse the direction of the weights. Hard focus on the abs so the lats don’t take over.

If you were asking about a different kind of throw, well…hell, you should try this anyway because it’s awesome.

All exercises in a well designed program serve a specific purpose. Without knowing what that purpose is, it’s hard to know what an adequate substitution is. Which program are you following?

Thanks for input! The throws are supposed to be more about power tan weight, and go to the wall, however I was throwing them at Te floor because the walls of my gym are all glass!

It’s in the articles… hard body training for women… Wednesday’s workout!