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Overhead lunges/step-ups?


Just curious if these moments will help for athletic/strongman development...


Using the overhead bar position is generally used to force the lifter into a specific anatomical position, in this case upright trunk. As a result the load potential is decreased drastically. So it's not an optimal mode of loading when it comes to increasing strength in the manner a strongman would be looking for.

I'd say that lunges and step ups aren't used as much in strongman training, but I don't have as much experience with that kind of lifting. I've always read that it's recommended to specialize in the deadlift when it comes to strongman training.

Someone else may be able to shed more light, but that's my two cents.




Single leg support exercises are great for strongman competitors. I have been using heavy lunges, step ups and split squats in my strongman training routine since starting 6 months ago. I feel that these exercises help a great deal when it comes to events like conans wheel and farmers walk and even the single leg support phase of the tire flip. As far as the overhead stuff, it may help especially if you are training for fingal fingers, which seems to involve a lot more shoulder stability rather than pressing strength. I don't think there is a need to combine the overhead with the single leg exercise, because you are going to want to go heavy on the legs , and worry about the shoulders separately. In the long run, what ever floats your boat, I saw a buddy of mine doing overhead yoke last saturday, which is another good idea. hope this helps, but remember there is nothing better than the deadlift for strongman competitors.


I agree with ZEB :slight_smile:


Yes, single leg work is very important. Don't just squat.


And yes, the deadlift is generally more important that the squat in strongman, as Rob stated.


Thanks bunch for the answers everyone, especially with Brad on how the single leg events help with Conan's wheel, farmer's walk, and tire flip.

I'll keep the overheads separate from the single leg work then.