Overhead Carry in Place?

New to the site. Read the article stressing the importance of an overhead carry and I want to add it to my routine, but the gym I lift at does not have the walking space to allow me to safely carry a barbell around the gym. Would you all recommend using different equipment or would walking in place at a squat rack serve the same benefits?

Look forward to hearing suggestions and advice.

Thank you,

You can do very low step-ups, like onto one or two aerobic steps. I stole that from Ben Bruno and love it as an alternative.

I like that. I’ll give it a try. Thank you

Please don’t walk around your gym with weights above your head.
It’s quite unnecessary and doesn’t need to be done for any reason for your entire life.

What benefits, specifically, are you looking to gain from overhead carries with a barbell? I’m sure there are plenty of perfectly good work arounds but first I’d like to know what result you’re looking to gain.