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Overhead Carries for Weightlifters

Hey, CT, I know you are a big proponent of weighted carries, with overhead carries being one of them. How would you program them for Weightlifters? I am on a somewhat low frequency (4 times a week) hypertrophy cycle, after coming off of RSR with normal lift work alongside it, and I am considering adding a day for overhead carries and other GPP work. Thoughts?

Just to be clear it’s stability for jerks and snatches that I am looking for (with jerks being the more important one).


Don’t bump a question. I find that disrespectful… as in “get off of your ass and answer me”. I never answer bumped questions and it is often enough to put someone on my blacklist.

Oh my bad, I just didn’t think you saw it since it was starting to get really far down there.

From my personal experience, the best thing that helped my stability in the snatch is to do a full snatch regardless of the weight, i.e., do a full snatch even on your warm ups or if you happen to power snatch the weight do an overhead squat and sit in the bottom position for a few seconds.

I saw Klokov once do an exercise, which I assume was for snatch stability, where he got into an overhead squat and literally hopped across the gym. A bit crazy and wouldn’t recommend it but it shows that you can get creative with these things.

Never had an issue with jerk stability so can’t recommend anything. However, do a search and you’ll find lots of assistance exercises that improve stability.