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Overestimated Strength on Russian Strength Skill Workout


Hello my fellow Canadian Coach!

I am a lifter who has recently taken up your Russian strength skill workout with the goal of maximizing strength and technique in the powerlifts + press. The first cycle went well. I hit all lifts in my estimated 85% ranges.The press seemed difficult but doable. However in phase 2 after adding minimum weight to the press(5lbs) and starting the rep cycle over, My press failed after the first 3 reps and I was forced to push press the last 2 reps.

My diagnosis is I went to heavy the 1st cycle, and am now looking for a way to adjust the workout and continue building strength skill. Could I just drop the weight 15 lbs and go from there and still get results? Thanks for your time! looking forward to working through the cycle a few more months and seeing what I gain!