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Overeem Test Positive for Steroids



Damn. I really wanted to see a standup match between him and Dos Santos. Apparently Mir will take his place in the title fight.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I miss the good days of Japan when everyone could juice all the fuck they wanted, really hope he finds a way around this somehow but doubt it. No more Overeem for over a year or so would be the worst thing in MMA whole 2012 by far IMO. Hope he does some K-1 and can crushing if he can't get this shit sorted out, I need my dose of Uberknees and cancrushing or the results will be terrible... In all honesty I was so looking forward to Reem coming ahead and crushing the whole HW division, making epic run and all, but fuck this, it was obvious the guy juices like madman but for real, fuck this. Sorry for all the swearing but seriously, fuck this, shit ruined my whole week :frowning: .

Oh, and Frank Mir getting the titleshot after making a rather impressive run at UFC HW, 3-0 in his last 3 against incredibly solid competition like two legends of the sport (no matter that they've passed their prime by 3 or more years) and one LHW sized fatty. Well somebody needs to get some braintrauma since its going to be all heavies, maybe Mir would rather get hit in the face a few times standing than getting pounded on for 3 full rounds? Easier paycheck, both fights the guy stands pretty slim chance at winning. Seriously, why not give Cain rematch or something, Mir doesn't deserve it till he beats someone big.


His T:E ratio was too high...

...granted, I believe that that's a good indicator someone has probably been on gear...

...but I think that is WAY too low/flawed a standard.

Would love to hear from someone better informed than I am....


gonna get flamed but i believe mir could come out on top. its a not that much of a long shot. either way il throw 100$ on the fight via bet365. i see brink of defeat submission victory in true frank mir form. christ hes getting big...... but yeah if its more likely he gets knocked out late in the first or second


Ah, dang it.


not surprised just sad i was really looking forward to that fight.....




Well, can't say I didn't see this coming.

I'm honestly just more baffled that the test that finally catched him was a very simple test:epitest ratio.

Actually come to think of it, something is fishy if he passed a fight-night test but got snagged on a random. Unless he is only on gear when he is in training, I don't see why though.


Shit... so much for Overeem this year.


Fucking fuck. I so waited for this match. First the assault charges against him and now this. I hoped he'd been more wiser especially when everything was going his way (UFC contract, Lesnar win, past belts and so forth). Ruined my day, it really did.


No Shit
Overeem's Been on for most of his career.
This is why Overeem vs Fedor never happened in Strikeforce.
And why he went to fight in K-1 / Japan for so long even though he had the Strikeforce HW Belt.

Personally I love Roids in sports
but make it fair
Either test everyone randomly
Test at certain "Scheduled" times
Or, Like Pro Wrestling, don't test at all.

There should be an MMA Franchise where anything goes
Let the Athletes juice as much as they want
Just so long as Every Athlete has that option available to them and knows what to expect.


Chael Sonnen > Anderson Silva

That is all.


Like everyone else, I can't say I'm surprised.

I'd like an "unlimited" league too, where everyone can sue whatever they want, but if you're going to break the rules you have to take your suspension like a man when you get caught.


I agree with most on the thread I was looking forward to that fight. But I don't feel sorry for Overeem or anyone else who breaks the rules. Whether you agree with the rules or not they sign up knowing what those rules are and when they try to get an edge over the competition by cheating I'm glad they're caught and punished.


I thought 1st offense was a 6 month suspension?


I don't think anyone not on is walking around with 10:1 even a 19y/o after squatting and watching porn. Which pushes further to ask how come he didn't just watch what he was using a little better. Considering the amount of training he should've been doing I would think juicing to get to 6:1 would still be enough to help, and still pass the test.


well something good may come of this if he gets cut there is a K1 heavyweight tournament in NYC this year maybe i can get to see him fight live :slightly_smiling:


It seems similar to the nick Diaz thing, and like the burden of proof should be on the commission.

It shouldn't be enough to strongly infer that an athlete has been smoking weed or taking a banned testosterone booster.

In both cases, there needs to be a specific list of banned substances, and the commission ought to have to show proof.

The burden of "hey, this guy has elevated testosterone levels beyond whats typically in the range" or "Hey, this guy this guy has metabolites in his system related to a banned substance"

That's an extremely low burden of proof IMO. That may be a bit legalistic, but these are legal matters. I think we know that no matter where we set the bar, in professional athletics, the bar will always be pushed.


OH NO! SUX. But I mean...look at the guy....he's like a genetic specimen. They were probably watching him closely.


Let's all hope he can quickly shyster out his way of this impending shitstorm.

Zeb, stay classy.