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Overeem Pulled from HWGP



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I wonder what the story is...


So his pinky toe is broken and he needs more time to heal. Wonder if this means we will be seeing title unification match soon? I mean when you look at UFC after Cain - JDS Schaub pretty much remains the only realistic first time contender, and I think a whole lot of people believe Reem is by far more legit challenger for that belt right now.


Dana has come out and said the issue isn't coming from the Zuffa end but with Showtime, so that leaves me hopeful that we'll see Reem back in Strikeforce or better yet the UFC. I'd hate for this to turn into another Fedor situation with him really never facing the best talent, even though I'm still skeptical of how well he would do against the best out there.


If this was going to turn into a situation where Zuffa canned him i would think we would have already heard something about it. Im just bummed because ive been looking forward to an Overeem/Silva fight for a long time now. I was picking Overeem to sweep the GP.


Really? I knew he'd make it through the first round but I have no faith in him against Big Foot or any HW that has skill in multiple areas.

Once the merger happens, Overeem will quickly become the new Pat Barry of the UFC and then he'll crawl back to K1 if it's still in existance.


The guy has the tools and attributes to give anyone at HW a hard time. Not saying he's our future HW champ but hes got as much potential as anyone else. I look forward to seeing what he can do.


Reem talking about removing from the tournament and other possible ways to go if he won't get respect from Zuffa. He says he might even go and fight one of the Klitschko brothers. Hope it all turns out good and he gets in terms with Zuffa.


He has a suspect chin, does not have half the gas tank that the premier HW's have, and lacks the defensive wrestling to deal with the likes of Brock and Carwin. If you want to put a HW with premier striking on the pedestal, look no further than Dos Santos. Given the chance, he will make Overeem look like a child.




Whatever, i suspect either Overeem is moving for a title shot in the UFC or it doesn't matter, whoever wins the tournament must still face Overeem.

He is right not to accept a fight if he is not on conditions, that's the bullshit you receive when you are in a monopoly.


Let's hold off on the JDS hyperbole. His power's horribly overrated, he's beaten mostly nobodys and has beens, and his las fight was against a guy who had a full year off FROM SPINAL SURGERY. The JDS hype train stops against Velasquez.


I disagree about the suspect chin. I dont think he has a granite chin the likes of Rampage or Anderson, but i dont think its suspect. His cardio has been a huge issue for him in the past but in the last few years since he's really began to have success, we dont really have a great example to show how good/bad his cardio is as of recent. I do think he has the ground skills to hang with a guy like Brock and even Cain, his TK defense has appeared solid as of late and his strength will certainly aid that, but even if he does go to the ground, he is far from a novice grappler. In think with the right gameplan and a few small tweaks in his game he could easily break into the top 5.


X2. I think JDS is a great fighter but he has not really proved himself in any greatly appreciable way yet. If he can beat Velasquez, then i will buy into the hype. As far as im concerned, you can apply any of the same criticisms about JDS to Overeem. The main thing being that both guys have been successful in the last couple years but neither has really showed everything they have yet (or dont have)


^^^ I don't want what I said to come across like I'm hating on the guy. Against Carwin [and most of his fights, really] he showed great understanding of spacing, timing and angles. But, it was quite clear that Carwin's timing was way off and he wasn't his normal self. If that had been a pre-surgery Carwin [or one that had had at least one tune-up fight] I'm convinced the outcome would've been VERY different. Even so, JDS comes across as a class act, and if all we're talking is JDS vs Overeem my money's on JDS.


I wish he would stick to kickboxing because he is an absolute beast in k-1. He has beaten some really good guys in there and is physically stronger than most I can think of in there.

In his last 3 fights he has beaten Aerts,Saki, and Spong. Those are three extremely good fighters. So the guy can hang at the top of kickboxings heavyweights.

I dont think we are ever gonna know in MMA because sadly he isnt with the UFC. I really hope this pull out is the last of him and strikeforce and he moves over. I wanna see him take on someone like JDS or maybe a returning Brock if thats gonna happen. Or throw him in with Carwin. Both guys could use the win over a legit fighter right now.


War Uber! Crush Klitschko, well a man can dream right?


I feel like Overeem is getting a lot of love simply because he is an absolute specimen physically and this is a bodybuilding website. Lets be real - He wasn't that impressive against Werdum (striking wise) and now he wants to fight the klitschkos? I dont know how well that would turn out for him. He may get a huge pay-day so that might be good for his wallet, but his MMA career would not be helped.

Overeem's ground game is good, and much improved over the last few years, but a specialist like Barnett would destroy him on the ground. Barnett is big enough to get the fight off the feet and turn it into a catch wrestling match. Advantage: Barnett.


Oh Dana said that huh? Well then.....must be true. RIGHT?