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What happens when you overeat one day after youve been dieting for a while? Say ive been dieting very strictly for three weeks. If i pig out one day am i going to be storing those nutrients as fat, as glycogen, as muscle, a combination of all three(and if so where would the emphasis be)or just shitting out the excess? Just wondering.

See Berardi’s ‘Damage Control’ article. It’ll scare you though!


I betcha it matters what you consider to be “pigging” out. And what’s you’re idea of being “strict”. Being strict for me, means cutting out the beer and cookies ( I tend to have a cookie a day ). And pigging out to me would be like just eating MORE of what I eat during the day. And it probably also depends on your activity level - if you’ve been dieting hard and training hard as well - I betcha one day ain’t gonna hurt you. Don’t you know any competitive bodybuilders? Some of them STILL pig out after a contest and sometimes the next day they look MUCH better.

pratically nothing. but only if it’s for a day and you get back on track pronto. how do i know? i do it quite often. i have a weak spot for pop-tarts and crap like that. for the most part your body will not have any idea what in the hell to do with all that excess food and pass most of it. the thermic effect will heat you up quite a bit and you will prolly sweat like a dog. you might in fact tighten up a little bit at first as your digestive tract hoards all the water in your system, but you will rebound with a bit of water retention. that’s it. little harm done really.

your body takes a while to shift gears. it doesn’t simply turn on a dime. think of your body as a big klunky ship that takes a while to change direction. just blow it off when it happens and get back on track the next day. that’s what i do. kevo