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Overeating Makes Me Nauseous


Whenever i try to eat like a bodybuilder I get really nauseous. I can gain the strength and size from eating a ton but I hate the feeling of wanting to puke all the time.

Is this temporary until my stomach stretches or something?

  • Adam


define "eating like a bodybuilder"


just increase meal frequency and cut back on calories per meal.

that's what I did. I eat every 2 hrs to get my calories in


DUDeeee it happens yes your stomach will stretch a bit after a while so you can handle the bigger meals but it is what it is. Jehovafitness has good advice if you can't handle it. I've thrown up plenty of times trying to down meals it happens.


you know tuna and carrots. Easy to get 4000 calories that way


I meant trying to down as much protein as possible every couple of hours....

I don't think my body likes being full so frequently...I always try to eat smaller meals 5 or 6 times a day, now I've been trying to eat 5 or 6 big meals a day to gain some mass.

  • Adam


If bodies didn't adjust to it, there would be no big people walking around.

When I was a kid, my stomach was so "fragile" that I couldn't even stomach eating breakfast in the mornings. A bowl of cereal made me feel like throwing up. I pushed past that when I decided I wanted to get bigger.

This isn't new and anyone who is really big now but started out small had to deal with that.

Some of us just don't bitch about it all of the time.


Ok cool X...I just wasn't sure if it was normal and if there was light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know anyone with a sissy appetite like mine. Everyone I know cannot stop eating and they struggle with gaining fat because of it.



You could always drink your calories/protein. Stick to your regular six meals a day, but take in a high-calorie drink in between meals.

Also, some foods get absorbed and make it through your system faster than others, raw/rare fish, rare meat, berries, nuts will clear out quicker than something like oatmeal, or brisket, or heavy breads.


I don't think any meat really leaves your system quickly?


I never really got this. My problem has always been eating too much food. It seems I'm always hungary even if I'm eating 4000 calories split between 2 or 3 meals. Different bodies I guess.


I will say a little over a year ago when I began to bulk eating 4,000 calories was fucking tough and I felt stuffed all day.

Anymore, it's natural, and eating less than that I'm feeling way hungry


Milk is where it's at.


You gotsta make sure your body is digestin the food you're consumin. If it persists, think about taking some high quality enzymes and or HCL. Refer to poliquin'd info on this.


I started at 316 pounds and I had alot of trouble getting in the calories.. I would think.. I should make w\e i was suppose to eat at the time and constantly would totally forget about it till i stopped what i was doing and looked at a clock because i was so full i didnt even think about food