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Overeating and damage control

Lets say that you are on a cutting phase and you are keeping body fat levels at a minimum.
If you knew that you were going to overeat (it happens), which would you choose to indulge in and why?

1)A high quality protein

2)A low sugar carbohydrate

3)A healthy fat with lots of EFA’s

4)A combination of the above

This really depends on the parameters of the diet, but for me, it would most likely be:

  1. High-GI ‘Junk’ Carbs.

A combo of protein and carbs with no fat, a la sushi – it’s yummy and it’s sorta like a carb-up, so it actually has some utility from a dietary point of view.

Perfect combo: a monsta’ piece of Salmon. Say, on the order of 2.25 pds. I could eat it every bit too. Pooh can handle volume :).

I rarely overeat on carbs, eveb when bulking. I can’t stand the bloat and lethargy.

If anything, I would eat too much meat. And I usually do.

BodyIQ:Hey man, if you haven’t checked out the Refeed HQ, give it a look. As for me, I am on a cutting phase right now, and when I have my refeeds, I go with high GI, low fat carbs(I like pasta, white bread, and corn pops). The high GI carbs help to spike your insulin levels, which in turn spikes your Leptin, which, in the end, will help you lose more fat easier. I’ve been experimenting with this for awhile, and it works out pretty well.

B-Real likes his Corn Pops!!! Gotta have my Pops:-)

Man, I guess I would just eat Low-Carb Grow until it was gone. Seriously. Of course, I’d add cottage cheese, oats, or Fiber One. I’m pretty boring, but that’d do it for me, albeit in extremely mass quanitities.

Just make sure to get a good amount of protein and and do not worry about it. You don’t have to be super strict all the time.