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Overdone Forum Questions (Part MCXVIII)

  1. What, no direct arm work?

    2.What, no direct shoulder work?

    3. Why so much fat?

    4. Why so few carbs?

    4. Is it important to keep a food log?

    5. What do you guys think about Bowflex?

    6. Is really a woman?!

    7. Does anyone know how trains?

    8. I’m 13. Is Mag-10 right for me?

    9. You want me to eat how much?! (Regarding JB’s recommendations)

    10. I have to loose 5lbs, is Fat Fast right for me?

    Feel free to add your own, or at least heckle me for starting another forum list…

You know, I was thinking about something. Now, I realize that there’s a Beautiful search engine that is not only right in front of your face but returns a plethora of relevant and excellent information–both from the on-line mag and the forum.

However, I was thinking that maybe we could post some Forum Stickies. That is, threads that address some of the most commonly asked questions could always appear at the top of the forum (or in a separate forum). Either something along those lines, or links to articles addressing some of the most commonly asked questions. I know this might be a bit elementary, so I don't expect that it'll fly, but I thought it would be something to consider.

As an example, in relation to Question #3, there could be links to articles like Parts I and II of the Fat Roundtable. Things like that.

Oh, and, Ike, Number 6...it's not funny, man! That's pretty embarassing:-)

First, I mean this with no disrespect to you at all. However, I’m pretty sick of all the bitching about people asking the same questions. Here’s an idea, If you are sick of the same old questions skip that thread and don’t bother answering it.


Im 45 ,never lifted before and i want to get huge…What sort of things should i take to get huge? Mag-10, 4ad-ec? Deca? D-bol?

Oh also…“Id hit it”

I agree with Colin, just skip it. Without giving too much away, some of the BORING recurring threads will be taken care of on the new forum with people being able to provide body stats, location and age.

Well, #6 and #7 were supposed to have ‘insert female poster name here’ and ‘insert pro-bodybuilder/athlete name here’ in them, but I was wise enough to put them in these: ‘<’ ‘>’, so of course they disappeared.

Colin: Humor me, just a little catharsis here… :slight_smile:

facepalm How did I forget that one?!

Are ninjas totally sweet, or are ninjas totally sweet?

You know, T-mag is constantly getting new people here. Just by word of mouth the site grows daily. Also I have to admit that this site can be a little intimidating. Too many people want a quick answer and when the search engine gives 30 - 40 articles or more they can easily be overwhelmed.

Everyone who has been here a while is already quite familiar with the information available, and how to find it fast. And many of us forget that there were only a few articles when we started. Some were here for the first issue. Right now I could see how a person could easily overlook the FAQ link. What is needed is a bold link that says: “BEGINNERS TO THE TESTOSTERONE WEB PAGE CLICK HERE!”

This could be an overview, basics on how to navigate the page, a link to the FAQ section, and a link to send nude wife or girlfriend pics to TC.

Hey bro…you’re not at bb.com anymore - no stickies, less useless threads, and more real info. Welcome back…

PS. you put on any weight yet?

You caught me, Cam:-) Maybe just a big-ass message at the top saying: Search First…or Get Flamed (grin)

Actually, I agree that you don't have to answer any post if you don't want to or don't like. So just ignore it. I don't mind addressing some of the newbie questions.

Thanks for the Welcome, Cam. And, yep, T-Rock has added a significant amount of muscle mass. Now, I'm just going to rip it up a little, and hopefully post some new pics in the very near future.

What about " I got this much money, What type of supps should I buy?" then you ask them about diet and they don’t know jack squat.

Another one: “Can you show me a sample diet?” when they have tons of sample diets and meals in the previous issues.

There are two number 4’s.

And, will the protein in Surge go into my biceps if I do extra sets of concentration curls like Arnold did?

How about when someone asks a question that is answered with a full article in the current issue of T-mag. I mean, how do they get to the forum and somehow miss the whole freaking magazine???

I agree with Mage…good idea!

I agree with The Mage here. This is something that I suggested a few weeks ago when exactly this topic was discussed.

Impatience is rife in todays society-

“No, I can’t be bothered to search for the information and do some studying. Hey, I’ve got the internet, and there are a lot of knowledgeable people on that T-MAg forum. Why not just cut out the middle man? the answer’s only 1 click away…”

I have been reading T-Mag for years, but only recently started posting, WHEN I felt I had something to offer, or I was fairly certain a question I had hadn’t been answered, or a topic was timely for discussion.

Please don’t misunderstand, I LOVE to correspond with someone who has done the groundwork. It shows they have initiative and will probably go the extra 9 yards. Others who don’t - well I think their attitude will be their downfall in their physique/training goals too.

Just my (long) 10 cents as usual. :-)SRS

Grrr…I messed that up. Anyway I don’t see the point of posting this. What’s the fun in cutting up newbies to the forum and magazine? The amount of elitest forum users is on the rise, maybe IKE and co should read the article on JB’s site about bodybuiling elitism.
Or maybe ignore the posters who are ‘beneath’ them in terms of knowledge and lifts. Or keep this verbal massication to either the off-topic or dog pound.

I will, to the best of my abilities, pursue learning and the truth. I will strive to have honor, integrity, and courage, and to fight righteous battles when necessary and in short, have the huge, metal-clanging balls of a real T-man. Does this sound familar? Maybe you shoulda read this before you signed up boys. It doesn’t take the balls of a t-man to kick the feet out from under a newbie, just a lack of balls to help out or to put up and shut up with respect to the ignorance of newbies.

End rant. Bring the flames.

Beautiful, Man! That was Quality with a Capital Q.

I'm with you on this one, bro. And Weightlifting Snobbery was an excellent article and should be revisited.

I do, however, have one caveat. That is, when individuals post a question and show no signs of gratitude and/or respect when another of the Brother/Sisterhood takes the time to give a thorough and whole-hearted response.