Overdevelopment of Glutes

Did you consider this is because we didn’t want to ask him for booty pics?

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I am slightly on the glute dominant spectrum. And I do have a pelvic tilt, that gives me a slight swayback look.

I had a close friend who had a frog-like lower body. He was very hamstring dominant. He was our 181lb power lifter on our team. All his squats worked his hamstrings. He never developed what could be called adequate glutes. He also competed fairly successful in bodybuilding.

I found it very challenging to work my hamstrings to give them an adequate balance in my lower body. But as you said, as you get stronger, maybe because the glutes got you there, it required the hamstrings to grow to keep up. They were now being called into action.

I also did my leg presses (high on plate) that required greater hamstring involvement. [I acknowledge that some people say the leg press involves little hamstring involvement.] In other words, I worked on my hamstrings to seek better balance in my lower body. But never did I try not engaging or developing my glutes.


Thanks for the comment.

I like to think I’m very aware of myself and understand myself, I would totally rule out body dysmorphia. I don’t even need to go into it but I’m positive it isn’t this.

I think you’re on to it with the hip tilt. I always try to stretch out my hip flexors to help with this. I’m just not 100% sure that a stretching routine will cure this hip tilt.

The lifting “pretty light weights” comment got me good. My benching working sets far exceed what I squat, I have some serious fucking work to do in the leg department that’s forsure.

And I hope it didn’t come across too harshly, I only said that in terms of the T-Nation world, and bodybuilding in general. You’re clearly far stronger than most people.

same problem lol. my ass is too thicc and it makes me look fat. besides catching up my legs and rest of my body there isn’t much to be done to fix it.