Overdeveloped Neck Muscles?

I’m curious if it is a reflection on my poor form in curls and deadlifts which seems to be developing my neck more than other body parts.

Its slight but I notice it. I also feel tight in the neck and shoulder area. The two side veins (and the muscle tissue around that area) is sore and tense on off days.

I also notice I looked silly when I’m physcing myself up to deadlift. I sort of flex a little, pull my shoulder blades down and just get ‘tight’ before grabbing the bar. When I do this now my neck veins popout - which is a new thing.

When I’m deadlifting, at lockout, I can really feel the stress on my neck (not the back but the front-sides, where you have two large veins).

Same with curls. Any lift with weight hanging off my arms.

Is it because I’m leaning a little backward? (I roll onto my heels a bit).

Its annoying because I’ve looked in the mirror recently and I actually look smaller than before (shoulder width) because of my neck width.

Hmmm. Reading over the post I make no sense buy anyway…

Maybe try focusing on the muscles being worked more than just trying to get the weight up…might help take some stress off your neck.

What are you measurements by the way? Neck, chest, arms, legs?