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Overdeveloped Arms, Lagging Chest!


Hello T-Nation, been lurking for a bit and decided to sum up the courage to join you fellas!

Basically my dilemma is that when I began training, I focused too much on my arms (typical curl monkey) and when doing bench I would be doing half-reps (with hindsight), I have corrected this ofcourse since but now I have large arms with poor pecs. I'm trying to think of ways to increase my chest trying not to let my arms do too much.

At the moment I'm benching 3x8 on 80kg but trying wide incline bench, I struggled to complete sets on 40kg :\

Any advice on ways to improve would be much appreciated!


You wanna know how I know that you don't have overdeveloped arms?

Try dumbbell pressing for chest.


I had the same problem when I first started lifting, only thing is I never focused on training arms specifically, they just grew very easily for me. On top of this, I first struggled to stimulate my pecs during chest exercises and would feel my shoulders and triceps taking most of the load.

The solution I found to help stimulate my chest and bring it into proportion with my arms is getting on an adjustable bench, setting at a ~20-30 degree incline, and using a triangle movement, /\ rather than ||, and most importantly really focusing on squeezing my pecs through and at the top of the movement.

Cable flies really helped me build a mind-muscle connection as well. Try doing one handed low-cable flies and using your other hand to feel your upper pec as you go through the motions.


If you're a beginner you should not be worrying about certain muscle groups being "overdeveloped." Bottom line is your entire body is still underdeveloped.


Why shouldn't OP worry about bringing lagging muscles into proportion? He's obviously found a flaw in his physique and is looking to correct it as he grows. Better to catch this and correct it early on IMO


He's 183 lbs 6'2, everything is a lagging bodypart.


What? ... your statement makes no sense... Unless you were just being a smart butt.

Solid advice on both post vette6.


I'm with you man. Unless your name is valentino, your arms CANT get too big compared to your chest. I think you simply want a larger chest now. search the articles. There are several great series here about building certain muscle. Into the muscle by bret and building a bodybuilder chest. there are no tricks. work your chest, and do full ROM, that's it.


OP benches 176 pounds for 3x8. I seriously doubt that his arms are overdeveloped.


im only an inch taller than OP. When i was 185 lbs i was a fucking skinny bastard. At that level of development there is no "lagging" bodyparts. Everything needs development, a LOT of development.

This is really not that hard to understand.

Im 260 now at 6'3 and i would still say everything on me needs a lot of development. Get real. We are not giving advice to an advanced bodybuilder who is looking to perfect his physique in terms of proportions and symmetry, we are talking about a newb who should be worrying about overall mass gain rather than "lagging" bodyparts.


I'll trust my own perception over that from the topicstarter. Post pics of the overdeveloped arms and people can make up their own mind.


I'm guessing that what he is really trying to say is that he benches too much with his triceps instead of his chest.

Try using constant tension. Come down to about 2 inches above your chest, and don't quite lock out at the top.

Check out John Meadows great chest-warm up with a band. Try low incline benching with DBs, if you wanna do flat BB do it CT's way, and if you want to decline do it in the smith for 15-20 reps.

I also find that the pec deck gives me a massive pump, might be great for pre-exhaust if you wanna try that.

Also, don't be afraid to do some heavy stretching after your workout. Most people like to progress on their heavy stretching but I have enough exercises to focus on that I just do heavy stretching when I think I need it or if I have enough gas after my workout.


^^^^That's what the OP needs help with. Whether or not his arms are overdeveloped is relative.

I honestly felt like my chest was huge when i was at a lighter weight. That was because the rest of my body wasn't on par with my chest. Now my chest is bigger by measurement but it "feels" smaller because my physique is more balanced.

Yes he needs to put on size all over but lagging body parts will always be lagging body parts unless you try to bring them up. He will have the same issue at a heavier weight if he doesn't try to fix it right now. I know guys bigger than him who have the same problem with feeling their chest during pressing.

vette6 gave good advice. Why wait till he's 30lbs heavier to fix a problem that is most likely a result of biomechanics and NOT body weight.



This isn't a matter of what he looks like, but more of a matter of fixing a problem such as benching with your triceps, which seems to be the issue.


He means overdeveloped pertaining to the rest of his body. Please stop telling him to not worry about it. He should correct this problem now so it doesn't take years to correct when he's at a more advanced level.


Cheers for the advice so far!

Obviously I'm trying to put on more muscle all over through compound exercises. I've only just started taking deadlifts and squats seriously as part of my routine of which I blame poor growth in the 2/3 years I've been training. My arms can do alot more than my chest in terms of weight, I can rack lockout 120kg or do weighted dips with a 40kg dumbell between my legs. What I am predicting is that if I correct my chest imbalance, it will improve my overall mass and bench which is why I want to focus on it.




Correct what problem? Everything on this kid is lagging and having him try to pick and choose right now what needs more attention when he is so new to this he actually thought his arms were just leaving everything else behind is ridiculous.

He needs to learn how to have a balanced program from here on out.

His stats listed should have been a sign to most of what stage of development he was at.

Asking him to post a pic confirmed it.

I am not understanding those who think someone like this needs to focus less on a certain muscle group as if he is suffering some huge imbalance.

Also, in the pic posted, he is pressing his arm against the side of his body just in case some of you can't tell the difference.


It may look like that, but trust me I am not.

Obviously I am not on par with you guys but I feel that my arms are doing the work rather than my chest which is why I'm asking for advice from people that are much more experienced in bodybuilding.


Idk why you are focusing so much on barbell bench for chest development. IMO, it is not worth the risk to future shoulder health to try to alter your bench form to recruit your pecs more rather than tris and delts. Get comfortable with DB pressing from different angles as well as pec flyes. Pretty hard to use your arms on flyes. And yea...you need to develop everything. I recommend starting here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/do_this_routine_instead_of_that_dumb_one