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Overcooking Meat is Bad for You

Don’t over do it!


Cancer Project warns against overcooking your barbecued meat

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Oh man! Just in time for grilling season, The Cancer Project is warning that grilled meat could increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. A link with colorectal cancer has already been established.

A nine-year study presented recently at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research analyzed meat consumption levels and cooking methods of more than 62,000 people.

Study participants who cooked meat at high temperatures and consumed more well-done meat had about a 60 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer.

The solution, of course, is a compromise. Avoid charring meat, says the American Cancer Society. That deliciously burned crisp on the outside is broken down creatine, which creates a carcinogenic chemical.

The Cancer Project says keep on grilling but make it a veggie entré or a â??portabellaâ?? steak.