Overcoming Mental Barrier in Fat Loss?

Hey Coach,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check on my question.

What is your go to method(s) when someone have a really strong mental barrier which prevent them to go under a certain weight or body fat for instance.

How do you help them to crush that barrier?

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It is sadly all about mindset and there are no tricks that can get you in the right state of mind to get great results when things are tough.

Heck, even I have problems with mental barriers if my mindset is not right.

For example, if I am preparing for a mandatory photo shoot (for my website for example) and I NEED to be in great shape then there is a switch that is turned on in my brain and I can literally go 12 weeks without a single cheat and very little cravings.

But if I don’t have such a goal it will be almost impossible for me to be in that right mindset and as a result my eating regimen can be all over the place and it’s hard for me to diet strictly for more than 2 weeks.

I’m the same person, but if I’m not in the right mindset it’s a lost cause.

Everybody is the same way BUT for some it’s easier to get into the proper mindset. And for some once something is committed to a routine, they will just keep going no matter what. But in most cases it’s a matter of the end goal being a lot more important than the enjoyment provided by eating the foods you like but shouldn’t have.

I also think that being prepared for the hardship and the potential pitfalls is important: in the past I would often stop my fat loss diet when I felt flat; it gave me the impression that I was losing muscle, I would freak out and stop dieting down. Now I know that it’s part of the process, I know it will happen and I’m prepared for it.

But besides that, there are no real tricks. I’ll tell you a secret: every coach, even those who are posting many great client’s transformations don’t hit for 100% with client success. Heck when it comes to fat loss even the best coaches will have 25-30% of their clients not achieve an impressive fat loss (and for most coaches it’s even higher than that). Why? Because if a client is not in the right mindset they will fall off the wagon.

Of course some people are at a greater risk of falling off the bandwagon. Those with a high level of glutamate for example; they will more easily get addicted to pleasurable foods and it will be a lot harder for them to give it away.


It’s all about mind over matter. Not meaning to steal a slogan from project 375, but it is so true!

Our bodies and minds aren’t two distinct entities. Asa former anorexic I had trained my mind to never be hungry. I got into the 80s…Nobody including my hubby could understand this. I’m in recovery but while recovering, I read about placebos and how powerful our minds are so…I did an experiment…

We had friends over for poker night and secretly swapped odouls (though I did have complaints about the taste) and 3 of the guys acted drunk and one friend put his head on my dining room table and said that he needed to slow down or he’d have to spend the night. Then I dropped the bomb…had some ticked friends for tricking them…

However, I proved my point. My mind is still a battlefield but I will never allow myself to have control/not control again. I’m a healthy weight now. I focus on nutrition because mybody and mind are too precious. My anger towards myself for this self destructive behavior has subsided and am at peace. Life is what you make of it! Best of luck🤗

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