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Overcoming Isometrics on Off Days

I just learned about overcoming isometrics ( https://www.t-nation.com/training/obliterate-your-sticking-points ).

The article says to pair the exercise with compensatory acceleration training (CAT), which seems like dynamic effort day for westside. I’d like to keep my dynamic day on a timer and for 12 sets instead of changing it to pair it with isometrics.

Does anyone have experience with overcoming isometrics? Could it be an effective exercise used by itself?
And my last question, could you hit all three sticking points for any specific exercise with overcoming isometrics on the same day as long as sets/seconds(reps) are adhered to?

Just do it before your DE work if you prefer, don’t see why you’d need to do it on other days unless you’re training with higher frequency. I’ve tried it on deadlifts (for about 3 weeks, 3-4 days a week), and it definitely seemed to help me peak for competition.