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Overcoming Isometrics for Strength for 4-5 Months, Not Weeks?

Hi @Christian_Thibaudeau
I have a question: how to periodize overcoming isometric for a longer period of time?
I will not be able to use full gym for around 3-4 months so I was thinking to use overcoming isometric to keep or even gain some strength in deadlift/lower body (since my home gym have only dumbbells and gymnastic rings). But then I read in Your new great article about isometric that one method should not be used longer than 3-4 weeks.
Is there maybe a way to use overcoming isometric for longer 4-5 months?

You can, but you would need some variation either in exercises or in training parameters. For example:

Block 1 (weeks 1-4): Basic overcoming isos, sets of 6-9 seconds, single efforts. Using 3 positions per lift.

Here I would normally recommend increasing sets for 3 weeks and deloading for 1 (something like 2 sets/position, 3 sets/position, 4 sets/position, 2 sets/position)

Block 2 (weeks 5-8): Overcoming isos series: each set has 3 efforts (reps) of 3-5 seconds with 3-5 seconds of rest in between efforts.

Same set progression as previous block

Block 3 (weeks 9-12): Contrast I: Each set has a single effort of overcoming isos for 6-9 seconds, 1 minute of rest, followed by 3 max effort vertical jumps (for deadlift or squat)

I would only use 2 positions for the lift and follow the same sets progression as previously mentionned.

Block 4 (weeks 13-16): Contrast III: Each set has a single effort of overcoming isos for 6-9 seconds, 1 minute of rest, followed by 3-5 DB jump squats

Only using 2 positions, same sets progression

Block 5 (weeks 17-20): Contrast II: Each set is as follow:

  • Max effort overcoming isometrics 6-9 seconds
  • 1 minute rest
  • 3 Altitude drops from 20cm higher than max vertical jump
  • 1 minute rest
  • Max effort overcoming isometrics 6-9 seconds

*Only use one position (normally, sticking point) but use the following sets progression

Week 17: 4 sets
Week 18: 6 sets
Week 19: 8 sets
Week 20: 2 sets

This assumes using it for the deadlifting as that’s what you asked about.

Wooow this is amazing response, something that I was looking for. Many, many thanks :slight_smile:

Yes I was asking about deadlift. Generally I have one day per week for isometric training where I’m doing front lever holds or rows and planche push ups or holds for upper body and I needed some stuff for lower body so Your response looks perfect for that :slight_smile:
I will start with that from next workout.