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Overall Weakness

I was wondering what do you recommend for someone who in general is weak for his or her weight. Should they hit the weights until they improve or should they master their own bodyweight first (bodyweight only stuff, pushups, pullups etc) then move to the weights. I look forward to everyones insight. Thank You

Hit the weights. Stuff like pullups and dips though should be part of the lifting program to improve on.

Lifting you can have the progressive resistance training program that BW exercises may (some may argue this) fall short on.

depending on how weak this person is I would think some bodyweight exercises would be too much, pull ups come to mind. the person would prob be best going with a plan that included both. using bodyweight exercise but doing free weight or machine work where it would fit in as well, i.e. shoulder press, bench, deads, pulldowns. getting them in to the gym is the biggest thing teach them proper form and the stregnth will increase quickly. just my $.02

I think the overall variety of free weights will allow quicker strength gains, all though BW exercises still have a place in just about any program.

Thats just my opinion

i feel you got to walk before you can run. like the dave tate story of the powerlifter. so i would say that body weight move would be a great start with few lifts added mainly full body. then gradually working into it. i think to many ppl over specialize and should incorperate more bodyweight stuff into their training. i think the olympic bodies article and the polquin one about comparing open chained and closed chained excersices shows that. like ppl who do pull downs as oposesed to pull up with weight. i would like to see the t writers do a study about the effects of pushups while wearing a 100 lb weight vest on your bench. and if you look on elite fts there are lots of referances from mr. simmions about having ppl do pushups with added weight to help the bench.

Get your ass in the gym, and lift heavy!