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Overall Total Volume


Reading “Tip: Natural? Lift Heavier” and it makes a lot of sense and I’ve been running down that rabbit hole and am wanting to lower some of my reps per set but am trying to figure out volume.

Because of work and school, I am currently only training three days a week, doing three full-body days (I do squeeze in a heavy carry workout with friends on Saturdays. Each workout has a hip-hinge (or glute bridge, on Wednesdays), a squat, an upper pull, an upper push (usually a 2:1 ratio pull:push, chinups supersetted with dips, and then sets of lat pulldowns, for example), a core movement, rotator cuff, grip, and arm. Not always necessarily in that order

I have been doing a 5/3/1 scheme for deadlifts (Monday), bench press (Wednseday), and squats (Friday). Those are working fine and don’t see changing those without good reason. However, I do want to make changes to the rest of the exercises. My main goals until mid-February are strength gains, while accepting any muscle gain that comes along with that…than mid-February, I plan to do a run through of Dan John’s 10,000 Swing Challenge before going back to strength for a couple months.

I know I want to keep reps per set low (5 or less on most exercises), while keeping the weight as high as possible. I’m just trying to decide how many sets, and therefore how many total reps/volume, I should be aiming for per bodypart, regardless of the number of exercises.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.