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Overall Program Evaluation


Thank you for taking a moment to take a look at my current workout. I mentioned briefly in another thread that I'm 41. About a year and a half ago I had some medical issues that hit me pretty hard. At 6 ft tall I dropped to 154 lbs and was pretty drained of energy.

As I healed up, I began to get very serious about health/training. Since last August, my weight has gone up to 178 lbs. I've gone from being able to flat bench 135 lbs to 235 lbs as an example of the strength I've gained. My one year gains are as follows:

Neck 1/2 inch
Chest 3 inches
Upper arm 1 1/8 inches
Forearm 1 1/8 inches
Thigh 1 inch
Calf 5/8 inch

I'm supplementing with a pre, post and bed time shake consisting of a banana, some other type of frozen fruit like strawberries or blue berries, 24 gm whey protein, 5gm creatine [post workout shake], 5 gm glutamine, 1000 gm vit C, 2 tsp barley grass, 1 tsp Carlson fish oil, 1800 mg BCAA's.

My previous workouts along the 8x3 or 5x5 route and I made some great gains in strength. I want to switch things up a bit for size gains. Pre workout is about 10 minutes of body weight warm ups for a light sweat.

Looking at Mr. Thibaudeau's 'How to design a damn good program' I've developed the following:

Day one: Chest/back

Flat bench 3x8
Decline bench 3x10
Dumbbell incline 3x12
Pull up 3x10
T-bar bent row 3x10
BB shrug 3x10

Day two: Recovery

Day three: Tri/bi

Parallel dips 3x10
French DB curl 3x12
Tricep press 3x12
BB curl 3x10
Hammer curl 3x12
Reverse curl 3x12

Day four: Legs

Front squat 3x8
DB lunge 3x10
Leg curl 3x10
Leg ext 3x12
Calf raise 3x12

Day five: Recovery

Day six: Shoulders

Overhead press 3x10
Front BB raise 3x12
Lateral raise 3x12
Bent over lateral 3x12

Day seven: Recovery

Thank you for looking and comments welcomed.


I edited my first post as the original program was not very good. Hopefully this attempt is an improvement from what I've read here.

Thank you.


no deadlift?