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Overall Presentaion of my First Cycle

Hello guys. Its now 2 weeks and 3 days into my first cycle. I have been lifting for over 8 years and decided to jump on the gear.

Iam on 600mg susta, 250mg deca and 250mg eq / week (devided in 2 pins every 3.5 days). Last two for joints and collagen synthesis.
I have one more pin of sust, then iam switching to test e 600mg a week.

I decided to cut for the first 4 weeks, i was aiming to lose about 10kg (44lbs) of body fat, but its hard to tell how much exactly. So far it has been great. I started at 98kg (215lbs) and now iam at 95kg (208lbs). I have “only” lost 3kg, but i actually have gained quite some muscle. As far in as 4-5 days people and myself started to noticing the muscle growth. To take one example: Bench has gone up 20kg (44lbs). Iam not gona go crazy on the weight though, dont want to injure my tendens. At some point i will just increase the reps.

The cycle will last 16 weeks. PCT is ready with cloma and nolvadex. Next week iam going to get arimidex, probally 0.5mg every other day, just to be on the safe side. I have no side effects so far (i hope that stays that way hehe).

Bloodwork was done half week into the cycle - to check overall health which came back great and if the gear is legit, which it is (see my thread).

Nutrition and cardio while cutting:
1-2h Cardio / day
2300-2600 calories / day. Aiming for high protein, mid carb, low fat.

188cm (6’2)
95kg (108lbs)
27 years old

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