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Overall Opinion...Add 10 lbs of Muscle


5' 11"...pretty much went from 168 10% bf to 186 12% bf in about a 5 weeks without even trying (a lot of protein, deadlifts and squatting).

I'm all about functional muscle growth and I'm wondering besides the aesthetics of looking bigger is 10 lbs of muscle going to do anything for my overall performance in athletics (play a lot of basketball) or is going to hinder my speed, agility and quickness.

What are peoples experience as far as packing on lean muscle in a short amount of time...I do crossfit ever once in a while (to find out how I stack up against some of these fitness freaks) and I'm noticing that the extra weight is effecting my cardio, overall flexibility and balance.



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Ok sorry...cool, working on that, thanks!


Speaking from being an amateur boxer, gaining weight helped my performance, not hindered it. I got stronger and was no longer bullied/shoved around the ring while sparring heavier guys in my gym, and my speed was exactly the same if not better. Power definitely increased.

The only thing that I can say maybe got hurt, was my endurance. But this connection is weak at best, and I'm fighting as a LHW instead of a junior middleweight now, so the pace and physicality is different anyway.