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Overall Daily Sugar Intake

whats the maximum you guys recommend? im talking from healthy stuff like fruits and veggies? im at 100 grams daily and i keep hearing sugar is bad for testosterone. dont want to make any problems with that

Are you talking all sugars, including complex carbs? I’m not sure why you’d be counting both fruits and vegetables as sugar.

100g of carbs per day is low. 100g of pure sugars per day is pretty high. If you’re eating 400g of sugar it’s more often a sign that your diet is poor overall, which could affect testosterone.

im takking about sugar from fruits and veggies and no i eat 380 carbs

What high sugar vegetables are you eating?

So those would be fructose containing “sugars”. Fruits and veggies contain sugar about 50% in the form of fructose and 50% from glucose. I recommend keeping fructose under 25 grams on non-training/non active days which would be 50 grams of total “sugar” from fruits and veggies.

You should be able to add another 25 for an hour of low rep weight training, or walking (or 75 total). Endurance or bodybuilding rep weight training for an hour could put you up at 150 but I would not exceed that since it looks like the liver has a maximum ability to manage fructose during the day.

And fructose/sugar up to those levels may have unique benefits since they refill liver glycogen.

Now, if you drink alcohol then you should reduce that since alcohol also turns into liver fat and uses some of the same enzymes. In fact, 1 “drink” either a beer, glass of wine or shot of hard liquor is comparable to about 50 grams of sugar in terms of producing liver fats. Also, milk sugar may interact too.

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Sugar from fruits and veggies can never be too much. In fact, you will need to add about 300 calories per day. So don’t worry about the ones you get from fruits.

Half of the sugar from fruits and veggies, in general, is fructose. Fructose causes 10x the glycosylation of body tissues (A1C) as glucose and since it causes so much damage in the bloodstream, the liver MUST turn it into glucose and glycogen as fast as possible, and if the liver can’t do that fast enough it has to turn them into triglycerides.

There is evidence that fructose starts to raise triglycerides at about 25 grams per day, but about 1/3 of carbs burned during exercise can be replenished (if done in short order) with fructose before there is an excess that needs to be made into triglycerides.

There is no difference in how the liver manages fructose from fruit and fructose from sucrose or corn syrup.

I recall John Parillo back in the 80s recommending to avoid fruit as it makes you fat. He based his conclusion on his ‘wife’s nursing books’ as well as observing some Polynesians, where fruit made up a large part of their dietary intake and resultingly fat physiques.

Regardless, I think it’s safe to assume that once the liver is full you can expect spillover.

In my opinion, calorie deficits eliminate most of the “harms” of sub macros (type of carb, type of fat in particular) because you burn up linoleic acid and fructose instead of storing them or converting them into something that is not so good like triglycerides. I think that bulking on fructose/sucrose and high linoleic acid foods is the definition of a “dirty” bulk because the linoleic acid content of cell membranes and fat stores rises, and then when you mobilize them for fuel you have an inflammatory response, and because excess fructose causes the liver to become chronically insulin resistant due to deposits of triglycerides.

Stan Efferding says that the liver can process a maximum of 75 grams of fructose per day, and from his description of fruit intake, it sounds like he means “total fruit sugar” which is only half fructose.

Also, I’ll mention that a lot of fructose consumed gets turned into glucose within an hour by the gut organs and then released into the bloodstream. It seems plausible that for people who eat more fruit, their guts may get even better at performing this conversion.

what i want to know is, can i freaking eat my banana apple papaya and strawberry per day? totallying 80 grams of sugar

Yes. Just not a whole bag of strawberries.

Actually, strawberries only have about 1.4 grams of sugar per ounce. You’d have to eat over 4 pounds to hit 50 grams of sugar.

Do you drink alcohol? Do you have extra abdominal fat? Do you drink much milk? 80 grams a day is probably doing ok if you exercise 30 minutes 3-5 days a week, but those fruits only average out to about 3 grams of sugar per ounce so that’s around 27 ounces or almost 3.5 pounds of fruit. Are you sure your counting right?

Where are you getting 4 pounds? A bag of frozen strawberries is about 30g of sugar. With a whole bag plus the other fruits included he’ll go over 50g.

It looks like frozen strawberries have added sugar. It would take about 35 grams of fresh strawberries to total 50 grams of sugar.

I’ve never seen them with added sugar.

I’m really not understanding your math. 1 ounce is 28 grams.

yup! hehe yep. its frozen and two servings (280 grams haves around 40 sugar if im correct)

what about vegans (I´m not one) who eat 6 bananas in their morning shake, two apples as a snack and a couple of more fruits throughout the day?
Is this more harmful than good? I always thought they live “healthier” in a way because of all the fruit, fiber etc.!?

What in your opinion is the maximum amount of sugar for a healthy liver? And how do I know it if I reach that level, how do I calculate this?

Thank you very much for help

1 ounce (28 grams) of no sugar added straw berries fresh or frozen, has about 1.4 grams of sugar. 16 ounces (1 pound) has 1.4 x 16 or 22.4 grams of sugar so 2.5 pounds has about 50 grams.

I was off by half because I was using 8 ounces instead of 16

Vegans, especially frutarians get too much fructose. Their gut may come to convert more of the fructose to glucose but as I said, 50 grams of sugar baseline up to 150 with a high level of activity. That’s 9 bananas.