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Overactive Glutes in the Conventional Deadlift

It always feels like my glutes are over working during the deadlift. Lower back feels good,.never feel it even on a max lift. But dam, it seems like my glutes will fire so hard they literally will cramp up or feel like someone is tearing the muscles apart. It kinda feel it’s pulling my true max back.

It seems like I have the opposite problem to what most have but I am not sure why.

Any ideas why glutes might be highly over firing in the deadlift?

I don’t have an answer for you but I’d love to have more glute activation in my deadlift. What a good problem you have lol


It dosent really seem to help me tbh.

It gets to a point where my glutes are absolutely fried but everything else feels fresh.

Or are.my glutes just tried from all my squatting

That’s not your glutes over working, that’s tightness. Get your body loosened up.

It may not be tight glutes, it could be tight hips, hamstrings, back, lats, calves, quads, the entire body is chain and we don’t always feel the issue where it’s occurring.

Get on ROM Wod or some yoga flow or some intense massage therapy.


This sounds pretty weird. Post a video of your deadlift.

Stretching and myofascial release (like rolling them with a lacrosse ball) could help. I recently had something that started out as pain in my glutes and then later (after aggravating it more) turned out to be a back injury. I would have laughed if someone had told me that it could be due to my back, but as I learned after reading some of Stuart McGill’s stuff, if certain nerves in the spine are compressed it can cause pain in the glutes. Do you have pain in your leg as well? Hopefully this is not the issue, but it’s a possibility.