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Over-Under DL Grip Allowed in Meets? Are My Numbers Good for My Age/Weight?

So I am 140lb, 15 years old, and about 5 foot 4. My lifts are -
Deads- 325
Squat- 250
How do my numbers look in my weight class? And how do I even find a meet near me?
thanks y’all.

I would go to powerliftingwatch.com, they have a search feature that covers multiple powerlifting federation meets, and you can search in a particular state, in a particular month, etc. You can also limit searches to raw versus geared lifting, whatever you’re looking for. Another way would be to find a ‘hardcore gym’ in your area, like one where there are competitive powerlifters, and just ask someone who works there. Or ask an athlete. That’s really the best way to do it, as they might be aware of meets that aren’t necessarily posted on powerliftingwatch.

As for your numbers and class, they’re absolutely fine for a first meet. You would get a lot out of competing, I would definitely recommend it. You certainly won’t embarrass yourself, you’ll meet a lot of people, you’ll have fun. And you’ll see if the sport is something you want to pursue!

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Numbers are good for your age and weight class. As flip said you would get a lot of competing and will really enjoy it.

And yes over under (mixed) grip for deadlift is allowed in meets.

Good luck!

Learn hook grip :wink:

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